Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Light Up My Life

I. Literally. SCREAMED. Out. Loud. When I saw this in the Diamond Previews catalog! Are you fucking kidding me?! This is like... something the universe created JUST! FOR!! ME!!! Dazzler!!!

Like OMG!!! AND, she comes wearing a real crystal necklace and standing atop a real disco ball! That is the gayest thing ever! Apparently, there was a poll online for fans to vote for whether she would have her pupils visible, but as you see, they aren't, which is how she looked in her earlier comics anyway. Who's looking at her eyes? It's all about the crazy long hair, the silver catsuit, the KISS makeup and whatever gay dance anthem plays in your head as you stare at her magnificence! (I've chosen "It's Raining Men" but feel free to select your own.)

I'd kill a baby to own this. I don't fucking care how much it costs! Eleventy gajillion dollars? Here! Take it!

The only thing better would be... heeeeeey, didn't Tonner just start making Marvel dolls?! (Why yes they did, I have their Ms. Marvel!) Tonner! Make a Dazzler doll! NOW!!! (And Fire-Star too, if you feel like it!)

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