Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 08-31-10

There's not much going on in the world of entertainment at the moment, so I'm just going to offer some thoughts on Glee (again) in preparation for the new season.First of all, did you hear that Naya Rivera and Mark Salling were dating in real life and then he cheated on her, so she retaliated by vandalizing his car?
She didn't damage it. She and her pals just covered it in dog food and shaving cream and stuff and allegedly they filmed it! Guess he's lucky she didn't... Bust the Windows! Wah wah!
Congrats to NPH on his Emmy for Best Male Guest Star. I loved his performance as Bryan Ryan, however, I must point out that he was up against Mike O'Malley as Burt Hummel.
I mean, his performance gives me chills! It was so amazing! I guess what may have counted against him is that Glee is classified as a comedy and his performance was dramatic, whereas NPH's was hilarious. Even so, Mr. O'Malley, KUDOS times a ZILLION! You're tops in my book!

Onto the show itself, I don't want to be one of those people who complain about something without having seen it, but I think we're all in agreement that the back nine of Season One was inferior to the first thirteen. The producers were "bragging" (I'm not sure that's the right word) that the back nine would have more songs. I don't think the show needed more songs. I didn't find the first episodes lacking in songs and I think the show works better when it's a "drama about a glee club" and not and outright musical with people singing and dancing in the hallways in fantasy numbers. The show definitely doesn't need more songs in place of plot and character development. I doubt they can shoehorn in any MORE songs next season, but here's hoping that the songs they choose are actually worth listening to.

Perez was excited that Jonathan Groff was coming back as Jesse St. James for three episodes. I'M NOT!!! Eff off, Bitchface!

It's been revealed that the Britney Spears episode will actually feature an appearance by Britney... unfortunately, she'll be dueting with Brittany on the worst song possibly of all time, "Me Against The Music." Okay, not of all time. But damn, damn, DAMN horrible!!! That song SUCKS SO BAD!!! Of all her songs... that one is actually WORSE than "I Love Rock & Roll." Like... Satan had to have been involved somehow, it's THAT bad! I'd rather listen to a collaboration by ALL the Real Housewives on one song, than "Me Against The Music!"

While on the subject, here's hoping there are no more tribute episodes featuring individual artists. It's one thing when it's Madonna, but Britney Spears is no Madonna! I'm glad the hyped "Lady Gaga episode" didn't only have LG songs in it. And a lot of the rumored artists in the running are not ones I care for, so... we'll see.

Anyway... there have long been rumors of Lea Michele's diva-ish ways, but everyone keep denying them. Most recently she was allegedly overheard at the post-Emmy party saying, "God, I need bodyguards!"
Screw her! Screw Rachel Berry! I couldn't care less that she's even on the show! I halfway want to fastforward through all of her scenes! I'm glad Brittany and Santana are bumped up to full cast members this season, because hopefully that'll mean at least two episodes that AREN'T about Rachel! They could just kick her off the show and make it the Kurcedes Show featuring Artie and Tina (and Puck's Sexy Armpits). Why does Lea get so much attention?! I like Quinn better than Rachel... and don't give me any of that, "Well, she's supposed to be annoying," business. I find her annoying for reasons purely unintentional! Ugh.

I hope the show doesn't go down the toilet the second season. I mean, the reason I'm so critical is because I LOVED it so much in the beginning but little things started irritating me, so hopefully those things will be worked out. (Please don't pull a Heroes!)

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