Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 08-04-10 Beautiful Monsters!

Last night, Cathy and I spent over an hour texting back and forth, gleefully over our newest TV obsession, Adventure Time on the Cartoon Network!
It follows the adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human as they gallivant through a magical world that resembles Candy Land on heavy, heavy hallucinogens. I love how RACY it can be, like in one episode, Jake's body was turned into that of a stumpy fat human and through the whole episode, he kept fondling his man boobs! And in one episode, Finn says, "There was a lava giant in our front yard. He was soooooooo hot!" To which Jake suggestively replies, "Mmm hmmmm?!" And Finn is like, "No, I didn't mean in a sexy way!" Homo-erotic male taunting? On a cartoon?! For KIDS?! I love it!!!

Also, we both knew we recognized some of the voices (like George Takei as Ricardio!), especially Jake's! It was driving me nuts, not being able to figure it out, so I looked it and it was John DiMaggio a.k.a. Bender from Futurama! So obvious, listening to him now, as it's the EXACT SAME CHARACTER! (He also does the voice of Aquaman on The Brave & The Bold!)
So anyway, did anyone try downloading the songs I posted yesterday? Just wondering if that worked.

Okay, so a woman and her two daughters were checking out at the Electronics kiosk yesterday and she was writing a check... no really, people still do that!!!... and she asked if it was the first and she's written 7-_ and I said, "No, it's the third." And she said, "Oh, it's not 7 anymore is it?" and changed it to an 8. Then I said, "Yeah, summer's almost over." And then one of her daughters almost started crying. Ooops! Ha ha! I forgot how important summer is to kids. In my opinion, though, this summer's been a Sunuva Bitch! I don't think I have ever looked forward to snow and ice as much as I do now! My aunt and her stupid republican cohorts can suck Al Gore's dick for mocking global warming last winter! Inyaface!

My favorite part of working in Entertainment/Electronics is that it abuts Toys and they are currently redoing that entire department in preparation for Christmas. I'm so giddy at all the new toys, I'm practically vibrating the whole time as I see them putting up new colorful shelf liner and interactive displays and then stocking all the pretty, pretty boxes and packages! Eeeeeee!!!! They brought back Bratz! I thought those were dead and gone, but... is anything ever truly dead and gone in toys? They keep recycling the same concepts over and over. There's YET ANOTHER new version of Strawberry Shortcake. Once again, lame.

But the BEST new toys... MONSTER HIGH!
They're like Bratz but MONSTERS! They have a whole fixture and a display unit with all the dolls inside looking AWESOME!!!
My favorite is Draculara (with her pet bat, Count Fabulous!)! I love her Edwardian meets Slutty Goth outfit!

I can't decide if my second favorite is Lagoona Blue:Based on the Creature From The Black Lagoon... I love her pretty aquamarine skin and the spit curl in her hair! And I LOVE how she has a pet piranha in a fish-bowl purse!

Or, Frankie Stein:
I love her Bride of Frankenstein hair, brushed long and straight and the stitches and bolts and such. So hard to choose... I choose BOTH! Ha!
Cleo De Nile is the least monstrous, but I still love her! She's mostly covered with mummy wrappings, but with a slutty fabulous negligee top and African style rings around her neck! I am not so impressed with her boyfriend Deuce Gorgon. Deuce means Dookie! He's TOO skinny hipster... but to get Cleo, you have to buy them together. We shall see.
This is the first time the black girl is my least favorite. Clawdeen Wolf is a Werewolf character, but she comes across more as a WereCAT. I mean, I LIKE her, but not as much as the others. I'll probably still get them all! SO FABULOUS!
Not my collection... YET! Oh I can't WAIT! It took all my will power to NOT buy Draculara, yesterday! But we're having to budget this week on account of my not working for a week. We better not sell out before I get my grubby hands on all of them! Oh I could just pee my pants, I want them so bad!

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  1. LOL I love Adventure Time! xD It's so funny. Never ever in my life have I heard of Monster High .. They do look awesome though ^^