Monday, August 30, 2010

MANic Monday 08-30-10 Football Edition

This is probably the first football themed blog since last year's Fantasy Football blog, which I can't top, so I won't even try. (It's like my "Thriller!") But anyway...

You ever have those times when a bunch of people are all talking at the same time, and you mutter something that you maybe don't want everyone to hear, but as soon as it escapes your mouth, everyone shuts up so everyone DOES hear it? This happened at work a couple weeks ago when the new Madden game came out and I was supposed to present it at Tune-In Tuesday (which, by the way, I dubbed my Tuesday blog way before I found out that Target used it as well... and now coincidentally, I do that job). See, each platform had a different picture on the cover, all featuring today's subject, Tim Tebow. The statement I made, just casually, more to myself than anyone else, is "He's hot." So now, at work, I'm like "The guy that thinks Tim Tebow is hot." Which... I mean, he is, but... sigh, what are you gonna do?
Yeah, I don't even care how old... or rather how young he is. Or that he's all Krazy Kristian or that he's a virgin. I don't even care what this "football you speak of" is. I'd do that every shade of filthy! It would be all, "In my ear? Aw hell, go for it!"A-Dor-A-Ble! And that baby could not be any less impressed!
Am I alone in thinking those stretchy undershirts are like the hottest thing ever invented?
Aw, come on... you get an endorsement deal with Jockey and this is all you give me? A tee shirt! Come one man!

Gla... blagh... ah... grblahh... sorry, I couldn't form words there for a second.
Whump! That one just knocked me onto the floor.
The End!

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