Monday, September 3, 2012

My iTunes' Dirty Little Secret

I found my Shuffle which I haven't used in a while and decided to wipe it clean and reload it with music for the gym, i.e. inst-inst-inst-inst-inst-inst club mixes.  This involved scrolling through my entire library looking for music until I filled the whole thing up, which happened around the letter D.  So I had to narrow my allowances.  Even so I realized there were a disproportionate number of songs by mediocre but cute male singers.  Looking at you Jesse McCartney and Blake Lewis.  I also noticed I have a large number of songs, like albums and albums by guys I think are cute.  I don't even listen to whole albums!  Here are some favorites:
Chris Isaak - Although to be fair, his voice is my favorite male voice ever.  It's just so smooth and dreamy, it makes me swoon.  The female equivalent is k.d. lang.
Duncan Sheik - Like with Chris Isaak, I expect most people have "Wicked Game."  With Duncan, most people probably have "Barely Breathing."  What makes it a problem is that I have a LOT more than that.  Albums and albums!
Joshua Radin - Also a problem, because listening to more than three songs in a row by him makes me want to either fall asleep or kill someone.
Blake Lewis - He had a minor hit called "How Many Words" which as good.  He also had a bunch of other incredibly mediocre, really poorly written singles... I don't only have them, I have the club remixes!

Jesse McCartney - Yup.  Purely gratuitous.  Bonus, he plays Nightwing on "Young Justice."
Michael Buble - Worst one, because I can't STAND his voice.  It's so fake sounding!  And he mostly just sings songs by Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and so forth.  I'll just stick with the originals.  To be fair, I'm pretty sure everything I have by him was free.  And they're club mixes, so of course I'm a sucker for those.  I think there's a Christmas song in there too.  I don't listen to Christmas music.

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