Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 10-12-10 Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman!

The Discovery Kids channel has decided, "Fuck education!" (It TOTALLY worked for TLC, home of "Kate Plus Eight!" The L stands for Learning! What do you learn from THAT show? Don't date douche bags with two diamond earrings that wear Ed Hardy... that are fat... and have tiny peepees? ((So I've heard.)) Isn't that common sense?) It seems they've decided to become the Gen X channel by re-airing the original 80s GI Joe and Transformers shows and... gasp...Batman! The original 60s version! Back on TV?!
People give this show crap, because it's campy and comedic, but for your money, it's possibly the BEST super hero TV show ever. Why? Because they're in costume like 90% of every episode! No offense, but watch Wonder Woman or The Incredible Hulk and they're "super" for like five minutes every half hour! And on Smallville, Superman is NEVER actually Superman! But watch Batman and Batman and Robin are Batman and Robin for nearly the entire episode! And Batgirl, once she hopped on board in season 3.
If I'm tuning in to a super hero show, sue me, I want SUPER HEROES! Plus you get such illustrious and memorable villains as...
Caesar Romero as The Joker... the legendary Latin Casanova, known for his famous mustache, refused to shave it off when playing The Joker so they simply painted over it!
Burgess Meredith as The Penguin... fun fact, The Penguin's legendary "Waugh Waugh" quacking noice originated because in the comics, The Penguin smoked cigarettes through a holder, but in real life, Meredith was a nonsmoker so the "Waugh Waugh" was his way of disguising his coughing when he had to appear smoking onscreen!Frank Gorshin was the hyper animated Riddler!The sultry Julie Newmar as Catwoman!
The FEROSH Eartha Kitt as the black Catwoman! (My FAVE, no offense to Miss Newmar or Lee Meriwether who played Catwoman in the theatrical Batman movie!) Eartha just had that grrrroooooowwwwwwwwl!
What about Victor Buono as King Tut?
Or the LEGENDARY Vincent Price as Egghead? Both characters were made up for the TV show but were so indelible that after the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman movie came out in 1989, in a poll as to which villains Batman should face in future flicks was taken, BOTH King Tut and Egghead placed in the top five!
Not so much Ethel Merman as Lola Lasagna. Sorry!

The main reason this show airing is exciting to Batfans is that this show exists in a legal limbo. Warner Brothers owns DC Comics which publishes the Batman comic books, but the show in the 60s was licensed to Paramount to produce. So now... the rights to the show are a hot mess. (I think that's the official legal term.) It's unlikely that this show will ever be released on DVD... well, at least as of now... so just getting to SEE them again is a blessing! Adam West even went so far as to record his own commentary for the series, apart from any official release, because he felt he would probably be DEAD before it happens! SERIOUSLY!Grrrrrrowwwwwl! You know what? I'm rerunning my favorite picture of me ever... This is me at Eartha Kitt's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Grrrrrrowwwwwwl! Fierce!

So yeah, hearing that Batman was airing again, you coulda BIFF! BAM!! POW!!!ed me with that news! Na na na na na na na Batman!

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