Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 10-06-10 What NOT To Do In The Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

I had a weird dream about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse last night. It was one of those where you want to kick your dream-self in the ass. See, we were holed up in some kind of empty store (also, not sure why, but the entire thing was set to the tune of "California Gurlz" *Shrug* Beats me.) and then when the zombies started arriving, we had to grab what we could and run to this SUV to escape, so what does Dream Jason grab? A huge effing stack of BOOKS! Not water or food or a spiked mace on a chain. Books! Not even good ones, from what I can tell. They were like text books and they were super heavy, so I kept throwing them down one by one until I had like a stack of five. Textbooks! WTF?! Was I hoping to get my Masters at Zombie U?! "I know undead creatures are trying to eat us, but you never stop learning!" Ugh! Dumbass!

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