Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 10-27-10 Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

I might be Halloweened out. I think it was the on-two punch of last night's Rocky Horror Glee Show and the Halloween-themed Raising Hope right after it. But when I went to bed, I'd slip into unconsciousness, start dreaming for SECONDS and then something would jolt me back awake, either something would fall loudly or I'd just hear a loud noise, stumble or whatever, but this went on for like three hours, during which time I got about 2 minutes of actual sleep. All I wanted was a good night's sleep... why is that so hard to give me, subconscious?! If you were a real person, I and my aluminum bat would have a few words for you today! But on with the show... today literally!
This was the first episode of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends which I've blogged about before. It features the team battling Green Goblin, who in this universe is an actual Jekyll/Hyde creature who morphs from human Norman Osbourne into the Goblin, whereas in the comics, it was just some guy in a rubber mask or the movie where he was in that silly suit of armor.

This is one of the LAST shows I want on DVD, but as yet, inexplicably, it isn't available and there are no rights issues I'm aware of. Anyway, this episode is cool because in it, the gang, Peter Parker and his two roommates, Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Angelica Jones (Fire-Star) attend a "Comic Book Costume Party" at their college. HOT DAMN! I want to go to a Comic Book Costume Party SO BAD!!! Maybe that's my next-year's birthday party theme. But it seems I can never get anyone to go along with a theme party. Boo. Lame.

So anyway, the gang get all gussied up... Peter dresses in a store-bought Spider-Man costume (WINK!) complete with a plastic mask with a rubber band. Bobby goes as his idol, Captain America (who factors into two later episodes). Angelica dresses as Spider-Woman (As a "private joke" with Peter, WINK!) and Bobby's date Mona Osbourne (made-up niece of the Green Goblin) goes as fairly obscure heroine Medusa. But the geeky fun really kicks in when they arrive at the party and mingle with revelers dressed as Hellcat, Ka-Zar, The Hulk, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, The Wasp, Yellowjacket, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Phoenix, Black Panther, Luke Cage (Power Man), Valkyrie, The Thing, The Falcon, Dr. Strange, Clea (miscolored), Iron Man, Daredevil, huff huff... Oh! And two Green Goblins... flying on wires!!! As if!

I like how Spider-Man then comments, "Something is turning my Spider Sense on." Why does that line never work when I say it? People just seem to scatter.

And what is that ONE dance they all seem to be doing! It's like "Tug the rope with both hands to the right! Now to the left! Now repeat!" I also love that when Angelica says, "Something's fishy!" and Bobby responds with his Steve Martin impression, "Well, excuuuuuse me!"

So then, apparently, Bobby is a dipshit and stands idly by as the GG kidnaps Mona! A point made even clearer when Spider-Man comments, "And he thought of that alllll by himself!" Creepy! At some point Norman strips off Mona's Medusa costume and redresses her in street clothes (including a negligee like top)! Ick! Also, love that the GG's hideout is some dilapidated hole-in-the-wall... with a super high-tech security/computer system.

The "Future Finder?" WTF is that?! I know these episodes were hacked to shit when they went into syndication, so I'm sure that factored in at some point. Now it's a non sequitur that makes no sense. They also cut out a scene of a girl dressed like Shana the She-Devil hitting on Peter at the party, to which Angelica responds by using her heat powers to create humidity to ruin the girl's hair and makeup! Don't step to Fire-Star, BITCH! Once again in a scene that no longer makes sense, Angelica spots the girl while dancing with Bobby and realizes something's amiss. However, without the earlier scene, it doesn't make sense.

And then four concrete walls and a ceiling appear out of NO WHERE! In some building that is surely condemned! I love Peter's distressed, "Heeeey!" when the wall he sticks to gets hot!

When Ice Man pops up, I realized, "hey, where the hell were they? Why did Spider-Man go after Gobs alone?" Then I love that right before they go into action they sound their battle cry, "Spider-Friends... go for it!" and pose!

And Fire-Stars utter fabulousity is in full effect as she removes the formula from the reservoir! Although, I don't think letting it run into the sewers is the best idea! Now New York is going to be overrun by Green Goblin rats! Ever think of that, Spider Friends?!"

Good times!

The End!

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