Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Extra Super Hero Costumes - Part 2 Marvel Girls

Welcome to Part 2! This time, I am focusing on the ladies of Marvel Comics... and the indie comics gals, because I didn't know what else to do with them. Also $5 to anyone who can even tell me who the indie characters are. Yeah, thought so.

1. This Isn't Catwoman Part 1
The Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy is Marvel's blatant rip-off of Catwoman. She's a cat burglar who has a love/hate relationship with Spider-Man. The stitching on the Halloween costume even evokes that on Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume in the 1992 flick Batman Returns. So yeah, have fun explaining to everyone all night long that you're not dressed as Catwoman.

2. This Isn't Catwoman Part 2

This is the Black Widow, as personified by Scarlett Johansen in Iron Man 2. Once again, have fun explaining to everyone all night long that you're not dressed as Catwoman. Making her belt and wrist gauntlets gold would have helped, at least!

3. Captain America

Another feminized version of a male hero, but it's cute. Shiny is always good. The mask is clever, invoking both the A on his forehead and the wings on the sides of his cowl, without actually being a sweaty, constricting cowl. The two best parts, though, I'm pretty sure are NOT included when you buy the costume, the life-sized shield and the shiny metallic boots. Still, cute and a tad extra geeky as Cap isn't the biggest name hero out there.

4. Emma Frost
The X-Men's resident exhibitionist... this is like the mutant equivalent of Slave Leia. Any girl that wears this? Ho. There, I said it.
For some strange reason, there's a PG rated teen version available, but it looks nothing like the character's costume and no one would ever in a million years be able to tell what this costume was supposed to be OF, so fail. Also, teen girls don't read X-Men comics! And any one that does and chooses to wear this costume? Ho. There, I said it again!

5. Green Hornet

I'm guessing that the Seth Rogan movie was supposed to have been out by now. Sucks to be whoever made this costume and was hoping to cash in on it. Also, sucks because this is the UGLIEST slutty costume ever! That mask is atrocious! And the dress part? FRUMP!

6. Iron Man
Yeah that Iron Man armor is the most asexual, least attractive garment on any super hero, so good luck translating that to a sassy Halloween costume for a lady! They did what they could, but I don't think I'd ever guess what this model was supposed to be dressed as. That, sadly, appears to be a trend. It's appropriately shiny, but so was Captain America's and Robin's, so it loses some points there. I mean, you can't argue that it should be more boxy and clunky, can you? It was a challenge from the onset and they tried. What else is there to say?

7. Hit Girl

Hit Girl was the best part of Kick-Ass and this gives more realistic geek gals a flattering alternative to the hooker stylings of the majority of comic themed costumes. The top looks too baggy and ill-fitting through. But at least you won't catch pneumonia in it.

8. Phoenix

It's cute. It's fun. It's geeky. Not much to complain about. Like I said before, I understand switching out tights for a skirt. Also, like I mentioned with the Captain America outfit, I doubt the boots are included, so good luck there. (Although, Hustler probably has them.) I do like the way they extended the fire bird logo's wings to the shoulders. It actually looks better than on the original costume! The patch of black along the neckline is a nice homage to the original, but I actually could have done without it. (I guess it looks a tad tacked-on.)
Particularly interesting, I feel that the Halloween costume also recalls Jean Grey's Marvel Girl costume from the 60s. So it's like a bridge between her two looks. On the other hand... does anyone even like Jean Grey? Anyone? Didn't think so.

9. Scarlett

Um... fail. I mean, I get that she's supposed to be dressed as Scarlett from the GI Joe movie, but a plain, nondescript camo jumpsuit? It better come with a name tag because, no one is going to know what you're supposed to be! (This coming from a kid who was Dr. Strange one year!)

10. Spider-Man
Cute. The cut plus the "cat eye" mask give it a 50s throwback look. Also doing the mask that way is nice way to adapt Spider-Man's mask without restricting one's vision. If this is too conservative for you, it also comes in this skankier variation.Yikes! Besides being a lot more revealing, this one looks poorly made. If it was on Project Runway, the designer would be in the bottom three. Auf wiedersehen!Ahhhhh... happy medium! More revealing than the first, but less so than the second. I think it's cute! The way they work in the red webbing on the top actually resembles the way it looks on Spider-Man's costume.

If you're feeling darker, there are also as many versions of Spider-Man's costume in black.
This one resembles the first, but for whatever reason the translation just doesn't come through. If you glance, she just looks like a business woman in a mask.
This one is more like the black costume worn by Spider-Man in the comics with the large silver/white logo. This actually strikes me as the sluttiest costume I've shown so far, though.
Another one?! I guess the spider web accents are a cute idea, but this is also fairly trampy. With both of these, maybe it's that the black fabric translates to rubber/latex which = dominatrix. Er... or is that just me.
I find it odd that all of the female Spider costumes are adaptations of Spider-MAN'S and no one has attempted to adapt the actual Spider-WOMAN'S costume. It's super sexy and eye-catching. And I mean... hell, Emma Frost and Jean Grey got costumes! Get on the ball, Marvel!
It's a stretch, but you could say the black costumes are inspired by the second Spider-Woman, but... we all know they weren't!
I don't know what the hell inspired this! It's like Spider-Man as interpreted by Hannah Montana! Like Marvel goes to the Mall! Yuck! Just... yuck!
NOT better! Like the first black costume, you don't even get that this is supposed to BE a Spider-Man costume! It's just a black mall rat costume with webbing on it!
Oh for cryin' out loud! I mentioned this in my DC post, the idea of reinterpreting a super hero suit in pink for girlie girls, but with that frilly tutu... just freakin' dress as a ballerina! Why bother with the Spider pretense?!

11. Storm For that one black comic nerd girl out there. At least she doesn't have to dress as Catwoman. And at least this isn't that frumptacular costume Halle Berry (her again) wore in the X-Men movies. (Which had listed as "The Storm." I found that humorous!) This is cute and accurate... but it's also boring. Storm's very first costume is her most iconic, but it's also basically a bikini and a cape. This variation on her modern costume works, but... yeah, just lacks pizazz. And the headdress looks kinda lame. Then again, it's the most distinctive thing about the whole affair, so I guess leave it alone.

12. Wolverine
Last one! Hasn't this been fun? This one ranks up there with the Robin costume! I love it! It's such a great adaptation of the actual costume Logan wears in the comics to a feminine style. The mask, like with Spider-Man, evoke the pointy flared mask he wears. The stripes/claw marks on the bodice actually look exactly as they do in the comics, I LOVE the red stripe across the neckline and on the belt and the best part, for me anyway, the shoulder straps flare out, just like the fins he wears on his shoulders! There COULD have been some embellishment on the skirt, but with such an ornate top, I guess they had to scale back somewhere. And the mini-gloves with claws are super cute!

So there ya have it. A journey through this year's selection of trampy geeky Halloween costumes! Now... what to wear, what to wear...?


  1. Where to begin? Poor Jessica Drew (Spider-woman) gets shafted again. Why? When will it ever end? It's no secret I'm more of a DC boy, you are so right Black Cat is a Catwoman rip off, as Hawkeye and Mockingbird are rip offs of Green Arrow and Black Canary too. I don't get the female version of male hero costumes. Is it because the ladies just aren't familar with the heroines of Marvel (which I can't imagine since there have been so many marvel girls on the big screen--Storm, Rogue, Mystique, Jean Grey, Sue Storm, Electra, etc)? Or is this some weird flirty way to catch a straight guy by dressing like a superhero that the ladies could care less about as long as it gets them a man? Why not dress as a sexy can of beer? Or is this some kind of lesbian butch thing being a male hero without going as a full blown drag king? Or all of the above? I just want it to stop. Or else they need to start making male costume versions of female heroes. Men in Wonder Woman hot pants and Supergirl belly shirts.

  2. Well, women can always "cross dress," whether it's wearing their boyfriend's sweater or going full-on Annie Hall and of course there's Madonna's iconic "Express Yourself" pinstripe suit look. I've seen, not only these costumes, but drawings of women dressed as male super heroes and IF I were a better artist, I totally had the idea to do a series of men dressed as female heroes, just to show the hypocrisy. I mean some can work fine, but imagine a strapping gent dressed as Black Canary or Power Girl? But... like I said, I'm not a good artist. Anyone who is, feel free to run with that!

  3. First off.. are you fucking stupid?? I love both Marvel and DC.. Catwooman and Black Cat are 2 of my favorites.. but Black Cat came out years before catwoman you fucktards. Plus they are so different its not even funny.

  4. All this superheroes women costume is very nice.Cat woman part-2 costume design is great.