Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 10-19-10 Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein Ad + The Same Song Twice

Calvin Klein is like the God of Boners, whether you like girls or guys. (And it's come to my attention that actual guys that like girls READ this blog... why, I'm not sure, but they're out there! This one's for you guys!) Check out CK's new ZIZZLING new commercial featuring Zoe Saldana:

So I suppose we can officially declare Zoe Saldana the "female Kellan Lutz." Man... that just makes me wish they'd get on the ball and make another Star Trek! I'm gonna have to go see that dreadful-looking new Denzel movie just for a Chris Pine Fix.

Back to this universe, British Cutie Pie Joe McElderry was the winner of their version of American Idol, X-Factor.
He's not getting the "Doll Baby" part or the logo until he fixes that unfortunate tooth situation. Damn Brits and their lackadaisical attitude toward dentistry and orthodontia. (Oh right, I have a mecha-sized gap in my teeth. Nevermind, I take it back.)

Anyway, here is his first single/video "Ambitions." It's a cover of a song by a Norwegian band called Donkeyboy. I own both versions and like them both. And they both have cute videos, so it's hard to pick a favorite. Here is Joe's version.

I love when singers can't dance, so they make all the actual dancers in the video go at remedial pace when it's time for the singer to jump into the routine! But still, supremely adorable!

Here is the also delightful Donkeyboy video:

See, it's totally Sophie's Choice! (Which is a movie I've never seen and don't know what it's about. Presumably, there's a woman named Sophie and she has to make some kind of choice and I suppose it's a difficult one? Like harder than "Should I get Black Raspberry Graeter's or a seasonal flavor. I mean the seasonal ones are only available for a limited time, right?! But the Black Raspberry is legendary! MAN! This is a TOUGH choice!" Like... I assume the movie isn't about that. But for all I know, it's EXACTLY about that!)

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