Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Extra Super Hero Halloween Costumes Part 1 - DC Divas!

I considered buying this Green Lantern costume. Not that I'm all that into Green Lantern... not that I'm not... I like him just fine. But the real appeal is the design of this costume in particular. It has the built-in muscle padding AND the collar completely covers the neck, which is essential seeing as my neck resembles that of a certain Ichabod Crane and I'm not talking about the Johnny Depp version either.
(PS, this is kinda what I look like in my own head. For real.) Overall, it's a perfect super suit for Halloween. And with the mask, I think I can pull off GL. He has dark features. I tried being Aquaman one year and even bleached my hair, but... yeah, that didn't work so well.

Anyway, I admire cosplayers. They have a lot of balls dressing up the way they do and a lot of the suits they construct are true works of art! But for those of us, not-so-sartorially-inclined, we're kinda stuck buying off-the-rack, mass-produced super costumes, so today I thought I'd take a look at some. I will begin with the women of DC Comics.

1. Batgirl

I assume this costume is based on the short-lived Cassandra Caine Batgirl. That's the version that it most resembles, anyway. I hated that Batgirl. I hate all the Batgirls, except the original. I don't get why women's Halloween costumes all tend to run on the skimpy side, when it's effing cold on Halloween. I do kinda get adapting the tights into skirts. It's probably a lot more comfortable and flattering. I guess this is a decent adaptation, however, I never like when they make a Bat character's costume black, as that's not the way I interpret their costumes in the comics.
This one more closely resembles the original Batgirl's costume and is a lot more concealing.
It's more comic-accurate and actually, making the bodysuit purple evokes Yvonne Craig's portrayal!
It varies by not being shiny and more velvety.

2. Aw Hell... STILL?!
Granted, it was on clearance, at like $25... you could mark it down to $2.50 and NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY IT!

3. The Flash

This is part of a trend of making feminized versions of male characters. It's not just super heroes, I've seen it with The Wizard of Oz and other properties. (Who's going to be the Sexy Tin Man?) It's basically, take a male costume, convert it into a miniskirt, hooker boots and boom! Honestly, this Lady Flash costume isn't actually revealing at all. She's basically covered up, except her scandalously exposed shoulders. (For all the shoulder fetishists and I KNOW those must exist!) This look is actually kinda boring because except for the lightning bolt logo, it's solid red. It could have used a bit of yellow to zazz it up, as it does on the original Flash costume. Also, is The Flash that popular? It seems for a while, he was the fourth most popular DC hero, but Green Lantern has definitely stolen that thunder. Maybe if Bradley Cooper lands the role, more chicas will want to don this suit. (However, I stand by my assertion that Bradley Cooper shoulda been Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds shoulda been The Flash and anyone who knows the comics will back me up on that.)

4. Green Lantern
This is actually a comic-accurate version of Green Lantern Arisia's costume. Once again, there are HUNDREDS of Green Lanterns and nowadays, they all customize their looks. I've seen this costume listed as Jade's costume......which it obviously not! Once again, once Ryan Reynolds appears as GL in the movie, I think more ladies will be inclined to rock this ensemble out! Arisia is more obscure than Mera!

5. Hawkgirl

Like the Halle Kitty Litter Woman suit, this is old stock, from the first couple of seasons of Justice League. It's... appropriate. That's about all I can say. Sigh... yeah, it's really cheap and boring.

6. Robin

LOVE! Don't ask me why, but I was even tempted to buy this! TO KEEP AS A COLLECTIBLE! Get your mind outta wherever it just went! It's so cute and such a great idea, because now straight guys can dress as Batman and their ladies can go as Robin! I mean, yeah, it's still kinda trampy, but that skirt is nearly knee-length! Why, that is practically puritanical! Also, it's so SHINY!

Personal, as everyone knows, I have a Robin costume, but it's the more covered-up modern version. I love the original costume, but once again, Halloween is FREAKIN' COLD! I can't wear just briefs! Once again, how do women do it?

7. Silk Spectre
Wow. How does this even exist! This is Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre, a minor supporting character from The Watchmen! She's known mostly for getting raped by The Comedian and then falling in love with him and having his child, who upon growing up, has a perfectly healthy flirtation with him. Ick. I need a shower after typing that.

I think the appeal is the whole pinup girl thing. I mean... that's kinda it.
This is the main Silk Spectre, the modern version. Damn, that girl modeling the costume looks JUST like Malin Ackerman! Good costume. Slutty, but I guess that's the point.

8. Supergirl
This costume is even more concealing than the comic book Supergirl's, so can't complain there. The neckline is lower, but her midriff is covered. I love the shiny parts. Shiny is the way to go. (I just suddenly missed the 90s mall raver store Gadzooks! Sad clown! I miss plastic shirts! Not those gigantic-ass pants, though.)Ah... I see they've updated the design. Okay... even the cutest girls I know don't have THAT body! Narrow market, ya'll!

9. Wonder Woman
They used to produce a more accurate Wonder Woman costume, but please refer to what I just said about Supergirl. No woman wants to run around in a one-piece bathing suit all night long! Even Wonder Woman rocks a miniskirt when she's feeling more casual. She only occasionally wears a cape, but I think people like capes. They're dramatic. Maybe we should try bringing them back into mainstream fashion. I'd rock one, but then again, I will rock any borderline fad that comes along. I almost bought knickers once! PINK ones! (They didn't come in my size... that is the ONLY reason I didn't get them!) I've often mentioned my desire to get Lasik surgery, but only on one eye, so I could bring back the monocle. I'm fancy like that.

10. Pretty In Pink?!

I'm not sure I get this. If you're that much a girlie girl, wouldn't you just dress as a princess or ballerina or fairy? Hmmm... I suppose you could be an ass-kicker and still want to feel feminine. Even so... this seems an off concession. Also, no girl that age needs to be wearing thigh high hooker boots! Line crossed!!! (Though the young model does seem quite pleased. Aw hell, let her have her fun!)


  1. Well, at least the DC line for women is mostly of actual DC heroines. That is totally Arisia's costume but, that's where DC always FAILS because instead of saying "Arisia the Green Lantern" and marketing her and getting whoever buys that costume possibly interested in her character----they just say "Green Lantern" BOOOO!!! And they'll never know who Arisia is. They have several heroines they could market to the public along with the male heroes, but nope. Which is why we still see the Halle Berry Catwoman costume. Catwoman has a million costumes but we still see Michelle Pfieffer and Halle costumes year after year. Booo. DC put out that promo for the DC history recently, and you would have thought Superman and Batman are the only two heroes they've had for the past 75 years. Grrrrr DC. Start marketing your other heroes, people can relate to more than just Supes and Batman.

  2. If only they did an updated Super Friends, even if it's based on that toy line. At least it would be something! That's what hooked me. A amazing as Justice League was, it came on at night and was obviously aimed at adults. I guess there's Brave & The Bold, which I think has been somewhat successful, but a great team series with all the big names would really help propel them. I mean, there's a reason that 30+ years later, I'm still a massive Aquaman fan!