Monday, September 13, 2010

MANic Monday 09-13-10 Robbie Jones

There's mot much going for Hellcats. It's all the fish-out-of-water, believe-in-yourself nah nah you've seen and heard a billion times. I was just glad to see a new TV series on the air, because summer TV is like watching paint dry or going to church or something equally dull and lifeless. One thing I will say is kudos for making the white main character's love interest not white. They tried that with Grey's Anatomy (Isaiah Washington was originally cast as McDreamy), but the studio balked. So kudos to Hellcats for casting delicious Robbie Jones as vaguely porn star-esque Aly McChalka's romantic interest.
The show isn't great or anything, but they set it up so that they slo mo walk to their first competition and then... to be continued... so they have me locked in for at least one more episode. Well played, Hellcats!

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