Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tune In Tuesday One Day Late 09-29-10... Oops, TOO Late!

I sat down to write a blog yesterday and realized I was WAY too exhausted. I went downstairs to watch the new Superman/Batman movie and fell asleep half-way through. So, yeah, no blog yesterday.

I didn't have much to discuss anyway. I'm still feeling my way through this new TV season. I've been sampling a lot more new shows this year than I have in the past. But you can't tell much from one show. I laughed out loud several times during the first episode of Raising Hope, but the second episode was a snoozer! It has a certain charm, so I'm going to try it one more episode. What I liked about the first was how they WENT THERE with the humor. Child endangerment, especially BABY endangerment is a taboo, so the fact that they joked around with it was shocking and hilarious to me.

I had high hopes for Running Wilde, but that show SUCKS! I feel so bad for everyone involved. It's like ANTI-funny. Like any humor I had in me going into the show, is violently jerked out and stomped to death in front of me. I mean, I LOVE Will Arnett and Keri Russell and David Cross and Arrested Development... so my complete dislike for this show is a TOTAL let down.

I did really enjoy Under Covers! That may be my favorite of the new shows so far. It's definitely got that J.J. Abrams vibe going on and is it just me, or is this the first hour-long drama show to star black characters? Like... EVER?! That's crazy! I really like it. I guess I can relate to the "boring married couple" aspect and the need to spice things up... and being spies certainly does that. I never watched Alias, but this show has me considering it. Prior to this, my favorite J.J. Abrams product... well, just prior to this, it's Star Trek, but prior to THAT, is Felicity! Aw... Keri Russell. Full circle.

I was also watching Lone Star. Kinda, just because the lead actor, James Wolk is ridiculously ZEXI!
Here is the math equation that created him.
Kyle Chandler
Lee Pace
George Clooney
Buuuuut... this ended up being the first new show axed. I'm really surprised! I mean, usually, you go into the new season already knowing which shows are going to tank, but this one was a shock!
It was actually a good show! The acting was great. The writing was crisp. The production values were exceptional! It was a high-quality show any way you look at it. I was on board at least!

I think the premise might have been overly complicated. A con man living a double life with two wives, at the same time trying to get out of the con business, despite his dad who taught him everything he knows. It had the potential to be a really engaging story. A unique story, not another cop show or another doctor show. There's an almost Shakespearean redemption vibe about it.
Did I mention he was gorgeous? And cutie pie Bryce Johnson played one of his wives brothers? Mmmmm... Bryce Johnson.
Seriously, how badly did people have to TUNE OUT for this to be the first casualty of the season? I expected far less from so many other shows and so far they're still chugging along. For NOW!
Sigh! Hope you bounce back soon, Gorgeous!

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