Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 09-08-10 Superboy

God bless Nicola Scott. One of the most high-profile female comic illustrators has been evening the playing field for a couple of years now, rendering male characters in the idealized, sexualized way that female characters have ALWAYS been depicted. Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:HAWT!

Now Ms. Scott will be taking over the Teen Titans comic, which I dropped a while ago because it was ballz. (It's historically one of those books that's seemingly nearly impossible to do well, for a number of reasons.) But Nicola Scott had be back with Superboy's tight pants and peek-a-boo tummy.

This has forced me to accept that I think a drawing is ridiculously hot. Nicola Scott's not the only one to depict Superboy extremely, um, favorably. Now on paper, Superboy is Wonder Girl's boyfriend. HOWEVER, anyone with a brain and keen eye for character interaction can tell that NOT SO SUBTLY, he and ROBIN are written as a couple.
They're gayer for each other than Sam and Frodo! You should have seen how batshit (no pun intended) Robin went when Superboy died! Like he went off the DEEP END! He didn't even do that when BATMAN died! But when his boyfri... I mean "best buddy" (WINK!!!) died and he starts getting into cloning and ridiculousness like that!

Oh and he and Wonder Girl hooked up. So anyway, this is what happened when Superboy (aka Conner Kent) came back.
Superboy spends the entire story trying to get Robin out of his pant... er, cowl. "You're not a cowl kind of guy." "I just want to see your face." G-A-Y!!! Like, it's so tense all issue, that buy the end, after Robin takes off his cowl, you're just screaming, "FUCKING KISS HIM!!!" But, alas, they are not so overt. This was their next meeting:
Like, every gay comic fan is obsessed with the Superboy/Robin "bromance." It's kind of the dream pairing, with Robin being the nervous, brainy nerd and Superboy the cocky, beefy jock. HAWT!!!
And finally a couple of gratuitous fan renderings:

By the way, solution to the Superboy-Robin-Wonder Girl conundrum? Obvi, THREESOME:

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