Thursday, September 23, 2010

Throwback Thursday 09-23-10 ...Maybe, One More Time

Last night, Extra (don't ask) ran the above photo from four years back, of the three hottest messes in the world, Britney, Lindsay and Paris out partying together. They also ran some clips from the news... well, y'know "news" including the hi-to-the-larious video of Lindsay whining about how Paris hit her and how uncool it was and how she was seriously hurt, then a video from a couple nights later when Lindz was all, "She never hit me! We're friends! She's a nice person! That never happened! That was a lie! People need to stop making things up!" Um, retard, YOU'RE the one who said it! SO!!! STUPID!!!!!

They took a poll and asked "In two years, which of the three will have their act the most together?" and Britney had over 50% of the votes, Paris came in second and Lindsay had like 2% or something. That is one trainwreck that'll never get back on track. At least Britney has down-to-earth parents looking after her and Paris doesn't really DO anything, so she's kinda safe, but Lindsay is a disaster! Look at HER parents! How she wasn't hopped up on coke in preschool is a mystery!

Anyhoo... next week, Glee is doing their Britney-themed episode. Sigh. I read an interview with Chris Colfer and they asked if he was a big Britney fan and he replied, "Well, she was actually before my time." OH! SNAP!! How old does that make you feel? And I know what you're thinking, but she's still around! True, but Circus was a comeback. Prior to that, she hadn't had a hit in ages and she hadn't been the phenomenon she was since the early 00s.
That picture RULEZ!!! It's hard to remember now, but remember how everyone LOVED her?! I was OBSESSED! I had like 25 Britney dolls!I was glad when she made her comeback! She didn't completely win me back over. I'll never again be as nutso over her as I was at that time, but I thought it would be nice to look back at a better time. Less this...More this...

...Baby, One More Time: Where It All Began

Sometimes: The dancer heart rulez... and the shot of the girl zipping up her pants. Watch for it!

Born To Make You Happy: I loved short, dark haired Britney and the red top/black skirt/tall boots outfit!

Craaaaay-zeeee! (I had to memorize this dance for improv once!)

Stonger: I love how pale she is in this video with the black costumes and everything. And the song just kicks ASS! This goth girl I was friends with at the time even liked it! This MIGHT be my favorite of hers!

I'm A Slave 4 U: Remember how BONKERS this sounded when it came out?! It didn't sound like anything else out there! Still stands up today!

Toxic: Okay, I must admit... I DON'T like this video. It's ALL CG. It just looks totally artificial and not in a cool way. It's just bad green screen. But the song is one of her best, so...

I Love Rock & Roll...
HA HA!!! I'm just messing with you! I'd never subject you to that shit!
Me Against The Music...
HA HA! See above TIMES a hundred! It's WORSE than "I Love Rock & Roll!" Seriously!!!

Ahhhh... good times!


  1. Ahhh Britters. How she's changed. I wish she'd stop with the hair extentions and let her own hair heal from all the damage they cause, and grow back healthy again. But she at least seems happy these days. "Toxic" was written and background vocals throughout (including the "Ahhh ahh oooos") by early 90s dance/pop singer Cathy Dennis, by the way. Which reminds me I need to do a post on Cathy on my blog at some point :) Oh, and I like "stronger" too--it's one of my favs but it doesn't get much love from the public for some reason :(

  2. Would you believe I've been planning a Cathy Dennis post as a Throwback? I was going to include her in my 90s dance parties but thought of maybe giving her her own, since she's one of my favorites!

  3. "Too many walls have been built in between us..."