Saturday, September 15, 2012

Team Christopher!

Not since Robert Best from Season 3 of Project Runway, have I simply adored a contestant the way I do Christopher Palu this season!
A.  Dor.  A.  Ble.  RIGHT?!  He's just so cute and soft-spoken and NICE.  He and Gunnar didn't get along, and being a gay man, he might make a barbed comment here or there, but he's not a BITCH, y'know?  That's refreshing!  In fact, this season, the girls seem bitchier than the boys!  That's pretty unusual.  Then again when the women on PR are bitches they are MONSTER BITCHES!  Like Gold medal C-Bags!
^^ Here he is reacting to one of his fellow contestants.  Bitchy but cute!
He isn't this super innovative designer.  I like his work, but I doubt he'll win.  Anything is possible, though, but he's not a break-out.  But he could be a dark horse.  He's just one of those people when I see him onscreen, he just makes me happy.
That is all!  Go Christopher!

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