Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wonder Wednesday 08-25-10 Ode to Comic Convention Sex Romps! (You Have Been Warned... Now Prepare For the Awesome!)

This isn't common knowledge, because even geeks don't discuss this openly, but you know Comic Book/Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Star Wars/Star Trek Conventions? (Or you can sub "Renaissance Faires" for "Convention.") Those are fronts for one thing. Nerd sex parties. I'm not fucking joking. More banging goes on at one of these than an entire season of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
These two are getting SO laid later!
And any whore that dresses as Slave Leia is basically saying, "You can stick it anywhere and bring seven of you friends. And tell the one to leave his Chewbacca mask on." Once again, NOT JOKING!

Topless Robot featured this music video... they didn't know if this was a real band or not, but either way, it RULEZ! It's by Le Sexoflex and it's called "Marriot Cock Squat (Dragon Con)!" Enjoy the shit out of this!

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