Monday, February 15, 2010

What The Super FUG?!

Remember my tribute to Supergirl a while back? Well, this is the new Supergirl statue coming out this year... WHAT THE FUG?! That is the most hideous thing I have ever seen!
It's like Crazy Super Hillbilly Girl, out looking for a cousin to kiss... or devour! That is EFFEN HORRIBLE! I can't even believe someone sculpted this... on purpose! SO! FREAKIN'!! UGLY!!!
On a completely different note, I am looking forward to the new Superwoman action figure. I love her white hood and cape! Tres chic! Helps cleanse the pallet after that Supergirl Upchuck Fest.


  1. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about the Supergirl statue, which leads me to believe that DC is actually planning to establish a Crazy Super Hillbilly Girl franchise. The Superwoman action figure is more attractive, but I'm not sure what her story is: is she the grown-up version of Crazy Super Hillbilly Girl, or the post-op version of Superman?

  2. She's Lois Lane's sister... kinda crazy, with artificial powers, trying to befriend Supergirl just so she can betray her. But I still like the white hood/cape combo.