Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unfunny Vs. Funny (or How Did I Get So Out-of-Step?)

As everyone should know, I am not one of t hose people (idiots) that says, "If critics like it, then I hate it and every time I like a movie, the critics hate it!" I'm not saying I love every movie that critics love. I couldn't watch No Country For Old Men, because it was too violent and I am getting too old for all that ruckus. And by the way, get off my lawn! This carries over to TV.

Except suddenly, I am bewildered. The reason...
Modern Family. This show sucks so effen bad... but the critics LOVE the shit out of it! If I have to read another article gushing about how "edgy" and "sharp" this show is, I'm gonna take something edgy and sharp and start a critics' entrails collection. I can live with people liking something I dislike, but when said people start throwing around comparisons to TRULY edgy and sharp fare like Seinfeld and Arrested Development, the claws come out. You, sirs, have gone TOO FAR! This show is NOTHING like either of those two legendary programs and if you were in my vicinity, I would slap the yadda yadda out of your mouths! How DARE you compare this stupid, safe, BORING family sitcom to the most innovative programs in TV history? (Not just these two shows, I think Curb Your Enthusiasm was thrown out by one fool, as well.) Are you kidding me? Just because you like one thing and then like another doesn't mean they have anything in common! (Like good writing, zing!) I mean, I like High School Musical, but I'm not comparing it to The Wizard of Oz! Or even Xanadu! And Modern Family, my dear critics, is NO Xanadu!

I will say, it's just this side of being funny. Like, I can tell it's kiiiiinda humorous, but just doesn't quite get there. Whereas every show critics compare it to is hilarious, LOL funny. There's no questioning, "Is this a comedy or what?" Ugh, so stupid. I hate people.

Oh and final strike, I think the real reason... I mean, besides it not being even remotely funny... that I don't care for it... I think it's heart-warming. I mean, I'm not positive, but I think it is, or it's supposed to be, and obviously, I don't do heart-warming, so that could be it. Also, the reason why I will NEVER see The Blind Side. Well... there are loads of reasons for that, but that's beside the point.

Of course, David likes it, so I've seen every episode. (He said, seething with hatred.) Now one show that I THOUGHT would be utterly dreadful due to it's rotten title and the fact that it starred a former Friend (seriously, what are they, cursed?), is Cougar Town. WHY did they name the show that? Simply horrible... yet, I love the show! I think I watched it by accident a few times, because nothing else was on and I ended up getting totally sucked in.
It's another one where it's not OBVIOUSLY a comedy (no laugh track, multiple cameras), yet it totally works and like a drama, the subplots carry one from episode to episode. Now THIS is a sharp, well-written, F-U-N-N-Y comedy! Why doesn't anyone gush over this? Why aren't people comparing it to... well, I wouldn't go that far. If I were going to compare it to something, it's vaguely like if you took the girls from Friends, aged them like ten years, and multiplied it by Sex & The City. Uh... okay, it's not like that, it is that. And awesome cast! I mean Monica and Felicity's boss and that girl from Freaks & Geeks that dated Pacey in college... excellent!

Ironically, the two shows are on back to back, with Modern Family leading into Cougar Town, which works perfectly, because I need something truly funny to wash the foul taste of unfunny family show out of my mouth. So set your Tivos accordingly.


  1. I totally commented on this yesterday?

    We love Modern Family! I know, we're chumps.
    Have you seen Better Off Ted? For some reason we keep watching but can't quite figure out why we like it...

  2. I hate Modern Family too, but you already knew that.