Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tune-In Tuesday 08-17-10

It was a big day for TV shows on DVD. We got... hmmm... like five or six different new boxed sets, versus like two new release movies. I get that they usually put out the boxed set close to new TV season beginning, I just kinda wish they'd do it a little earlier to allow people time to watch an entire TV season before the new one starts, as well as for the fact that summer TV is bullshit. You know what I'm talking about. (I'm so glad Project Runway came back... and was GOOD, so as to give me a reason to stop watching Work of Art. What a pile of shit that was. Worse than Make Me A Super Model and that was damn shitty. But I guess it was better than Make Me A Superhero. Anyone remember that?! Each episode looked like its budget was $50 and a handful of coupons! But then again, EVERYTHING on SyFy looks like that. End tangent.)

It was a big day for me blowing money, too, since I HAD to buy Dexter Season Four and Cougar Town. I also bought the book of Shit My Dad Says, and that's some hilarious shit. I wanted but did not buy the Gold's Gym Dance Workout for Wii... I mean, I will eventually, but I had to draw the line somewhere. It features the song "Just Dance" which, ironically, isn't on the GAME Just Dance. Why did they name the game Just Dance and NOT include the song "Just Dance?!" That is RIDICULOUS! The first time I played it with Cathy, Beth and Deborah, we went through the entire game and then when it was over, I was like, "Wait a second, what about 'Just Dance?!' I mean... that's what the game is called!!!" I think the Dance Workout is like an apology. "Sorry for the confusion, consumers!" It also features "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and ain't a damn thing wrong with that!

Wait... what? "Cougar Town?" you ask.
YES! Cougar Town! It's soooooo good! I realize the title sucks ballz and we're all sick of the term "cougar" (which, was explained to me as meaning "old pussy." "Ooooooooh!" is right! It makes 100% more sense now, doesn't it?!). The show isn't even about that, though. I think in some of the earlier episodes Jules (Courtney Cox) was chasing after younger men, but it evolved into just being a show about her and her wacky extended family of friends and coworkers. I use "wacky" in the best sense of the word. It's just so sharply written and well-acted. It's like the only TV show where people talk the way I do. Plus, they drink... A LOT! So if you avoided it because of the shitty title, now's your chance to get caught up on one of the sharpest, crispest sitcoms on TV. (I like the word "crispest.")

I'm at a weird awkward, in-between stage. When watching a show... well, let me start off by pointing out that actors are generally of the attractive variety. That's just kinda how the whole thing works, so if an actor is on a TV show or movie, then in general, in some capacity, they're good-looking, right? Except now, being the age I am, I'm not sure WHICH actor I should be attracted TO. In regard to Cougar Town, I think Jules' ex husband, Bobby (Brian Van Holt) is SMOKIN' HOT!!!
Plus, his character is HI-to-the-LARIOUS! However, conundrum...
Jules & Bobby's son Travis (Dan Byrd) is really cute and adorkable, too. But... I mean... one is the father, one is the son, so obviously they're on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and yet... I mean, it shouldn't be this muddled, but it is! It isn't the first time, this has happened, so it's a recurring problem. Ugh... brain hurt.

Oh whatever, they're both hot in their own way. This just proves I am not a discriminating snob, so there! But yeah, like I said, if you didn't watch the first season, you missed out, so now is your chance to familiarize yourself before the new season starts!

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