Monday, August 16, 2010

MANic Monday 08-16-10 Guilty Pleasure Edition

So... this post is dedicated to guys I hate myself for being attracted to. I mean, don't get me wrong. Spencer Pratt isn't on the list or anything. I mean, I have SOME standards. Also, be forewarned that there is a tad bit o' bootay coming up, so stop reading if you're at work.
First up, Michael Buble. He's just... cute! I mean, that's all there is to it! He's freakin' cute! I love his droopy eyes. So sexy! (Ugh... you know what the least sexy word in the English language is? "Sexy.") Not sexy, he cheated on that lovely Emily Blunt and the bitch he cheated with snapped these oh so unflattering pics of ol' Buble-butt. (This is the part I warned you about!)

Yeah, he looks about how I imagined he'd look naked. Just as an aside, GOD, I hate sleeping naked! Yuck! Boooooo!
The negative to all this is I find him unbelievably annoying! Just the way he sings and performs and mugs for the camera... ugh! Makes me want to punch him in his pretty face! Plus, I just find him weird. I forgot where, but his did a performance on TV and afterward the buzz was that he might have been drunk, but I don't think so. I think he's just weird!

And I don't like any singer who builds their entire career on cover songs. All those songs he's doing have already been done... by legendary artists like Frank Sinatra! It's not like he's radically reinterpreting them. He does them nearly identically to the originals! What's the point? It's like Kidz Bop for adults! Like, dumb adults whop refuse to listen to "those old songs" unless it's redone EXACTLY THE SAME by someone their age! You will NEVER forget that comparison, will you? Go ahead, share it at parties. "Michael Buble is Kidz Bop for grownups!" I don't mind, but would appreciate a nod in my general direction.

Ho-kay, so now the really embarrassing part. I mentioned that Spencer Twat wasn't on my list, but this is almost as bad...Brody Jenner. Yup, star of The Hills and step-bro to the Kardasians, Brody Jenner. Don't get me wrong, I LOATHE him as a person, but dayum if he isn't freakin' gorgeous!
I have no idea what this is:
It's some kind of cardboard cut-out, but #1. Uh WHY?! And #2. Why that douche-diculous pose?!
Oh GAWD! He has the most luscious hair. I wouldn't mind running my fingers through that! And those pretty, pretty eyes! Dammit! He's so HOT! Why does he have to be one of the like top ten shittiest people on the planet?!

OBVIOUSLY, it could be worse. I mean, neither of the Donald Trumps are on there or like the cast of The Jersey Shore. Even so, I'm hanging my head in shame.

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