Monday, July 12, 2010

MANic Monday 07-12-10 Hey, Remember These Guys?

Wow, it doesn't take long in the tween world to go from blazing hot to washed up! It seems like just last week we were all "Slippin' into the lava..." but then Bieber happened and it was Jonas who?! Why are the paps even following these guys around? Well, first there's the person with my least favorite name ever, Joe Jonas (a.k.a. the middle brother/tambourine player):Hey look, it's your great aunt Mildred! Maybe that was the photog's real target and they just happened to snap Tight Jeans McGee in the process.
Wow, what's he wearing a cup under those?
Just a reminder, ladies, hands off! He's saving himself (and judging by these pics, there's a lot to save) until marriage!

Next up, the former horse face, Nick, the youngest brother/whiny voiced lead singer/drummer:
Holy effen... What happened to his horse face? He actually looks pretty HOT!
Somebody's got their ticket to the gun show!
"Lemme just flex my... er, FIX my hair. Grrrrr!"
She certainly seems impressed. "My eyes are up here, lady!" It's too bad no one gives a crap about these guys anymore, otherwise she'd be getting Kim Kardashian-style death threats.

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