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Wonder Wednesday 07-07-10 Whedon's Wonder Woman

Check out this critique of Jim Lee's Wonder Woman costume by an actual woman in the fashion industry! It's true, comic illustrators aren't exactly fashionistas. I agree with a lot of what is said about the design feeling too 90s. I still think, though, that making a less revealing costume is a good idea, that adding shoulder straps is a long-overdue change and I even like the belt and gauntlets.

Hot on the heels of this hubbub, images have surfaced of preliminary designs for the Wonder Woman movie, back when Joss Whedon was attached to direct. These were posted on the message board by a member named MegaGearMax.
#1 - This is basically her comic costume verbatim. Once again, I love the addition of shoulder straps. I don't mind the bracelets being gold instead of silver (or blue). It's pretty straight-forward. I like her chest logo best out of the four. The one thing I loathe, though, are the thigh high boots! "Hey, I know! let's make her boots even MORE hooker-y!"
#2 - Why does she look so ratty and filthy? It must have had something to do with a plot point. I like the idea of the overcoat, but not so much the execution, although I LOVE the lining, which reminds me of the cape she wore on the Lynda Carter TV series. I get the idea that maybe she's supposed to be in disguise, what with her tiara being off and those weird-ass leggings, which are both ugly and don't perform their function very well, seeing as how her toes are sticking out the bottom. Also, the top of her jacket is wide open! I like the banded collar and the shoulder pads, but the front looks like it's literally CUT so that it can't zip closed! And the bandage on her arm above her bracelet looks like some meaningless add-on.
#3 - HATE!!! If there's one thing Wonder Woman's costume doesn't need, it's to be MORE revealing than the one in the comics! Still don't like the extra tall hooker boots and is that another meaningless bandage around her arm? But obviously, WORST of all, golden THONG straps peaking out of her pants?! EPIC! FUCKING!! FAIL!!! Does she have a Wonder Tramp Stamp on her back, too?!
#4 - Possibly the best of the bunch! I like the pants with the padded knees and the fact that the boots are cut lower than in the rest of the illustrations. Honestly, the boots are one area where I wouldn't mind seeing a deviation from the comics. They are a tad loud. I DISLIKE whatever those are on her thighs, whether they're bondage straps or cut outs. They're pointless, either way. I also like that there are a couple of stars on her pants, in both these pictures. That helps "super" them up so they aren't just regular ol' pants, but still isn't too over the top. I do not like this belt. The top is WAY too short, seeing as how midriff tees went out of style around 2003. I could deal with a bit of skin, like maybe an inch of exposed midriff, but this is way too much. Once again, I find the shoulder straps a necessity, but I prefer the WW/eagle logo from the first design.

Seeing these makes me think the Jim Lee-designed costume isn't so bad, but if it were up to me...
I like how armored this design by Darwin Cooke from The New Frontier comes across. The bodice looks like thick leather with armor. I love the Roman Centurion skirt and the shin guards. It all works perfectly. Of course, I'd add shoulder straps to hold the top up.
This Ame Comi statue from DC Direct also works a look I like, although in a less real world/more fantasy direction. The bodice and shin guards are still very cool and practical-looking, but in a sleeker, more futuristic, but still ornate, way. Shoulder straps? Check! I love the shoulder pad on one shoulder... very gladiatrix! However, I could have even gone for armored padding on both shoulders. The loin cloth? Hmmm... I like it on this design! I think it looks great! I think I prefer the Roman style one from the Cooke version, but this looks good too and overall, the costume retains that Wonder Woman flava, and is sexy but not trashy or slutty. Note the lack of exposed thong straps. Oh and I almost forgot, I LOVE the two armored plates that frame her face! Very Greco-Roman and practical!
I would even go further and add a nose guard, as shown in All-Star Batman & Robin. Interestingly, this illustration is also by Jim Lee. I wish he'd kept it for his other revamped costume!

And the firestorm continues!

Since I didn't do a Tune-In Tuesday, here's a little bonus, Kelly Rowland's Wonder Woman-esque "Commander" video!

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