Sunday, August 16, 2009

Working It Like It's Never Been Worked Before

My first reaction to Vogue Evolution on America's Best Dance Crew was "People still Vogue?! Madonna didn't even Vogue when she sang 'Vogue' on her last tour!" I didn't expect much. I mean, when you think of Voguing, you don't think of it as being that structured, first of all, it's kind of just free-styling. Secondly... it's a bunch of fags flailing their arms around. Pretty girlie. AND YET, V.E. bring it so hard in their performances! I mean, there is definitely a femininity to it, but they also bring strength and precision that I never expected! I also like that they have a fat guy in the group. But the most incredible thing is the reaction they get from the audience! The crowd is always on its feet after their performances. I NEVER thought I would see a young, mostly teen audience giving a standing O for four gay men and a transgender woman! I seriously get choked up seeing it! I mean this isn't just gay culture, it's really gay culture and sort of underground culture at that and to have it accepted and embraced by mainstream audiences, is really moving!

Update on my all-time favorite crew, Fanny Pak! They're working on an album. They performed to one of the songs on NewNowNext Poplab a couple of weeks ago. It was okay. I just want to see them dance again, so if they have to put out an album in order to get more media coverage, I'm on board!

I love dancing shows. I wish some of their talent would run off on my through the TV!

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