Monday, June 27, 2011

Alex Toth/Superfriends Special - Day 1 SuperMANic vs. BatMANic Monday

In honor of Alex Toth's birthday last week, I'm going to do a series devoted to the single biggest influence in my life, The Super Friends (or Superfriends, depending on the season). I've written plenty about The Super Friends in the past, but there's always more to comment on! (For example, I just got my Super Friends-themed assortment of DC Universe Classics action figures... why am I not downstairs tearing those open? Devotion to you, dear readers! Please appreciate the sacrifices I make for your blog-reading pleasure!)
Today I'm going to discuss, quite frankly, my two least favorite Super Friends, Batman and Superman.
Aw that's right, bitch, I said it! These two rank BEHIND The Wonder Twins in my book! AW SNAP! BUT, what I really want to discuss is my complete lack of awareness that Batman was always more popular than Superman! I'm going to chalk that up to his live-action show and the Batmania it inspired. Seriously, it was the late 80s before I realized that Batman's comic sales kicked Superman's ass!
Prior to that, there was never a doubt in my mind that Superman was the #1 hero out there! I mean, they were the Super Friends! All comic stars were Super Heroes! You're telling me that more people love Batman than Superman? Pshaw! But... like, apparently, that's true.
I never even caught onto this with Mego. Mego Batman was the number one selling figure in the line. (Child Me: But... but... he doesn't even have any powers!) But if you look at the line, it was totally Batman-centric!
Both Batman and Robin were in the initial lineup.
FOUR Batman foes showed up in the line, Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman (not pictured). Only one Superman villain made the cut and he was a shitty representation, Mr. Mxyzptlk, rendered as an average-height fatso (the comic version is a miniature imp). Also... it's fucking Mr. Mxyzptlk. A.k.a. NO ONE'S favorite Superman villain! Gimme a bare-legged Brainiac over that shit!
Batman received TWO Playsets, the Batcave and the Wayne Foundation (sort of like Barbie's Penthouse playset, but with a giant penny and a dinosaur) and four vehicles, the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batcopter and Bat Mobile Crime Lab. (CSI: Gotham City?!)
Hell, even The Joker received a vehicle! Okay, granted, Superman doesn't really need a vehicle, but howzabout a Fortess of Solitude playset? (Yeah yeah, they made one in the 3" figure scale, but those don't count!)
Then again, Superman was kind of a dick on Super Friends, so maybe he deserved it. I mean he was constantly pushing the others aside and saying "This looks like a job for... Superman!" So maybe this was fate's way of saying, "Oh but, look! This crazy asshole in a rodent costume that has no powers, outsells you in merchandise! Suck that, Space Boy!"

Well... there has to be SOME reason, right?

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