Sunday, June 26, 2011

MANic Sunday, Or I'm Back

So, apparently Apple products and Blogger don't get along, so while I intended to keep up my blog last week while on vaycay, it wasn't meant to be. THIS was going to be my MANic Monday, a picture of faked pic of Jake Gyllenhaal posed a la Grace Jones.
It's fairly nonsensical. Does anyone think Jake G is a huge Grace Jones fan? He's like a decade younger than I and Grace was sorta even before MY time! (I only knew her as an actress from Conan The Destroyer and A View To A Kill. I never heard any of her music until I was in my twenties.) Also, why does Jake, of all people, keep getting his head Photoshopped onto other people's bodies? And couldn't they have found a pic of a guy with a nicer ass? Just sayin'. Nice socks, too.

So I missed a couple of big things this past week. First, legendary comic artist Gene Golan died.
He mostly worked for Marvel, but I know he also drew Wonder Woman for a time in the 70s/80sand I want to say my first Wonder Woman comic was rendered by him. I'm almost positive. Though he worked on a variety of projects, he most excelled in moody, supernatural books and is most famous for Marvel's Tomb of Dracula title.

Second, I missed the birthday of the dearly departed Alex Toth, a legendary illustrator, most importantly to me, the designer of The Super Friends!
This is such an occasion, that I am actually going to do a whole series on The Super Friends this week! Yeah, it's just an excuse to write about this series, but as you should know by now, Super Friends is probably the single most important influence in my entire life, so, there ya go.

Sadly, as my FB friends know, while we were away, our basement was flooded and in addition to ruining our BRAND FREAKIN' NEW carpet, less than a week old entertainment console, sofa, recliner, etc. I lost a TON of comics, some toys (some still in the original boxes) and most dishearteningly some original framed artwork. One was a Jem watercolor a fellow fan painted for me as a thank you for providing him with copies of the music from the show. And I lost two original pages of Super Friends comic book art by Ramona Fradon. And there's still one more room to go through that had a ton more stuff in it. As a collector, that's something that's always in the back of your head, "What if we had a fire/floor/whatever?" but then to have it really happen? Yuck. That's all I can say.

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