Friday, June 10, 2011

Omissions and Revisions

I forgot to include Superboy last time. Well, I didn't forget, I just wasn't aware of it until I did some more digging. Looks like this go round, he's a robot of some kind. Greeeeeeat. Is this even the same character as in Teen Titans? He already had a somewhat complicated origin and originally a confusing power set ("tactile telekinesis?"). Like with Supergirl, they eventually transitioned him into something more akin to Superman himself.

Okay and real quick, my list of all the titles isn't quite accurate. I had Nightwing listed twice. The Authority is really called Stormwatch (starring the cast of The Authority!) and JSA hasn't been confirmed and doesn't look like will be at this point. I'm going to remove Action, although we all know it's coming, just for accuracy sake.

1. Justice League of America
2. Detective Comics
3. Wonder Woman
4. Aquaman
5. Green Lantern
6. GL Corps
7. GL: New Guardians
8. Red Lanterns
9. Green Arrow
10. Hawkman
11. Flash
12. Captain Atom
13. DC Universe Presents
14. Nightwing
15. Batgirl
16. Justice League International
17. Mr. Terrific
18. Firestorm
19. Teen Titans
20. Birds of Prey
21. Batman
22. Batman: The Dark Knight
23. Batman & Robin
24. Red Hood & The Outlaws
25. Catwoman
26. Batwoman
27. Batwing
28. Swamp Thing
29. Animal Man
30. Demon Knights
31. Frankenstein
32. I, Vampire
33. Resurrection Man
34. Justice League Dark
35. Voodoo
36. Legion of Super Heroes
37. Legion Lost
38. Static Shock
39. Hawk & Dove
40. Suicide Squad
41. Deathstroke
42. Grifter
43. Stormwatch
44. Blackhawks
45. Sgt. Rock
46. All Star Western
47. OMAC
48. Blue Beetle

That leaves four books unannounced officially, which I assume will be Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl and Superboy. And done! So no Justice Society, no Secret Six, no Powergirl or Zatanna.. I think it's nuts that Green Lantern gets four freakin' titles. And if you count Birds of Prey and Catwoman, that's NINE Batman related books! I do applaud their attempted at doing more than just straight super hero stuff.

Onto a different topic all together, my friend Tee called me out on how I (and lots of people) complain about super heroines running around in high heels when most women have trouble standing and walking in them. His challenge? "What about Prince who used to run around and dance and do splits and stuff in heels?" I... don't really have a response to that. My ONLY defense is, "Well, Prince can do a lot of stuff ordinary mortals can't."

The argument against high heels was completely shattered on the season finale of America's Best Dance Crew when We Are Heroes returned and performed "Run The World (Girls)" Check out this video, especially around 2:40.

Consider my mouth shut!

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