Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Memories Adendum

This isn't really a full new blog, so I'm not going to label it Part 3, but it does tie into my previous posts. I found a web site/blog dedicated to Dr. Strange. No really. Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Some neat stuff there. Including some better pics of the Dr. Strange costume. Voila!
Apparently, when it originally came out, it was in the generic TV Comic box show in my first Halloween post:
It was switched the Marvel style box, which you can see here, ironically housing the DC Super Hero Aquaman costume:
This box depicts Spider-Man, The Hulk and Thor, plus like the corresponding DC box, one non-related character (in DC's case Mary Poppins), in this case Dracula. (Or some vampire, anyway.)

These earlier Dr. Strange masks featured a weird green "eye shadow" over his eyes. Mine definitely didn't have that, and was a reissue from 1980, which came in this box:
Very odd to find a piece of Marvel merchandise that DOESN'T feature Spider-Man anywhere on it! This Dr. Strange had some dark shading around the eyes, but not the green "eye shadow" effect.
Dr. Strange was part of a series with Captain America, Red Skull and The Thing. I've never seen the real Red Skull or Thing masks, but GEEZ I hope they look better than they do in this catalog ad:
The Thing looks more like the Toxic Avenger! And while I see that the Red Skull is a visually interesting character... psst, he's a Nazi! Well, I mean, I suppose Nazis are scary. Maybe Nazis are the new Zombies. Uh, no. No, they're not.

Not really related, but back in the early '80s, I was huge fan of the cartoon Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. (Iceman and Firestar were the Friends.) In the very first episode, the gang goes to a Halloween costume party, where EVERYONE there is dressed like a Marvel Super Hero, so you had all these crazy "cameos" by... pretty much anyone that had ever appeared in a Marvel Comic. Firestar went as Spider-Woman, Iceman went as Captain America (his idol-worship of Cap was addressed in a later episode) and ironically, Peter Parker went as... Spider-Man, wearing a cheap store-bought version of his costume, complete with rubber band mask! (Made by Ben Cooper no doubt!) Here's a clip. The costumes appear about 5 minutes in.:

Hell-Cat, Thor, Storm, Phoenix, Hulk, Vision and Scarlet Witch, The Wasp... It was just cool to see all those crazy characters in animation form, even if they weren't really the actual super heroes.

I found these pics from a different episode. I'm not sure which one, although I do remember this scene, of the heroes at Stan's Costume Shop (named after creator Stan Lee).
Now look at THAT Thing costume! Pretty impressive. It's like a mascot costume! Also in the window, Captain America and the Black Panther.
Inside, Iceman (I think) and Firestar check out the extensive selection... Elektra, Dr. Doom (once again, pretty freakin' impressive!), Firebird (whom, I am positive no one ever rented), a slightly miscolored Daredevil, DAZZLER and Dr. Strange. Sigh! Even though they aren't "real" it's still neat to see them on an animated series.

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