Monday, September 28, 2009

So Now What?

I just realized that the new Superman/Batman animated movie comes out on DVD tomorrow, along with Madonna's new Celebration album and DVD and realized, whoops, maybe I quit my job too soon. Well... I mean, it was so not worth the aggravation, but oh yeah, that's how you get money. And don't give me that Christmas is just around the corner nonsense. Like I'm going to wait to get these! It wouldn't be so bad, but we have that vacation coming up, so I really ought not to be spending money on non essentials, but we all know I'm going to anyway.

Also, aggravating is DC Universe Classics Wave 10 is hitting Walmart right now. So far, I haven't found them and luckily, I only want four of them, so yay that's $60 versus $95. But, I mean... it's still $60. I went hunting for them last week and didn't find them, but I did find the large Gotham City 5-Pack for $55. The problem was, I only wanted the Lex Luthor figure that was included. I already have Batman and he's dressed in my favorite version of his costume (where his cape, cowl, boots and gloves are royal blue like on the Super Friends) and Superman. I don't have Catwoman, but this version was wearing a rather garish lavender catsuit, so I didn't really want her and I didn't want Two Face because I just don't really like him. So obviously, I couldn't justify paying $55 for just one action figure. But then again, I didn't have Catwoman and Two Face and even though I wasn't crazy about them, they'd still help fill out my collection. Oh! And I could put THIS Batman (with black cape, etc.) on my shelf with the other Bat-Characters and move THAT Batman over to my Justice League/Super Friends shelves and I could put this Superman with the other Super-Characters! So there was no waste at all!!! I could use all of these so I HAD to buy the set! I love my brain sometimes!

The vacation is complicating the job hunting process, because I watched Flipping Out and this guy they hired, on his first day, asked for a day off. To go see Buffett. Which, quick aside, if someone gave me a Buffett ticket, I'd go to my job and say, "Hey, can you please schedule me an extra shift on this day so I don't have to go to a Buffett concert? Thanks!" But anyway, so we leave on Oct. 7th, which is... holy crap, next week! So yeah, I don't want to apply for a job and then be like, "Oh p.s., I'm leaving for a week. That's cool, right?" Not only that, but we're going to Memphis the first week of November. Oh here's another aside. So David said he wanted to leave on Saturday, Halloween. I was like, "So we're gonna miss Halloween?" And he was like, "Oh, I thought it would be fun to spend Halloween night in Memphis." WHY THE F!@#$ WOULD IT BE FUN TO SPEND HALLOWEEN NIGHT IN MEMPHIS?! We don't know anything about the city nor any person living there! That makes no sense whatsoever! I don't even have plans yet, but I still want to be home to give out candy at the very least! Also, I SO FREAKING LOVE my costume idea! So someone invite me to a party.

So curse you, my jet-setting lifestyle! Also, it would probably help if I had SOME clue as to what I want to do. I can't get a real job with my awesome 12 year-old degree in Creative Writing which of course I never did anything with... well, except for this. Maybe I should print these out and attach them to my resume. "You see it's a play on words! Fantasy! Get it?!" I'd LIKE to go back to school, but don't know how financially prudent that would be. I could get a part-time at the same time, but do I really want to go back to being 21 again? I read Texts From Last Night and the answer is no. (Check out ... Hey! Hey! Finish reading this first!) I mean, I have a home life now. Do I really want to spend days in class and nights... doing whatever someone will give me money to do? (Seriously, I saw that Busken was hiring and considered it.)

I'm not really driven. I envy people who knew all along what they wanted to do with their lives. Well, I kinda knew, but didn't have the patience to stick with it. Hard work. Boo. Also, I started out at art school, but it was impossible to get into any classes! I went two years without being able to take Basic Drawing I because it filled up so quickly! But now it's like, even if I do get into a program I like, will I REALLY be able to compete with all the fresh-faced 21 year-olds who are so much hipper and more in touch with current fads and trends... I realized how behind I was, watching that Windows commercial where the 5 year-old girl creates a Power Point slide show and realized I was less savy than a 5 year-old! I don't know how to do anything except download songs and order clothes. And toys.

So maybe I should wait to get back from the trip (Chicago/Napa/San Fran) to start hunting. Or maybe I should apply now and hopefully do interviews when I get back. Now the question is... apply where? Oh well, not going to let it bother me now. And no matter how lost I am right now, it doesn't remotely compare to how fried, frustrated and stressed I was at work. (See, how I can't even use that place's name anymore?)
On to cheerier topics, the "real" vacation is California, which we've been planning for about four months now. We're stopping in Chicago for one night to see Kylie on her first (and probably only) U.S. Tour! Perez posted her set list, which looked like she had written it with her feet. People kept asking, "Why isn't she doing Can't Get You Out Of My Head?!" "Why isn't she doing Locomotion?!" I had to log on and translate her chicken scratch. There were a lot of abbreviations which people weren't able to decipher. (But seriously, how hard is it to figure out that "Devil" refers to "Better The Devil You Know?") Harder to figure out? L.A.F.S. I had to consult my iTunes library and figure out that it was "Love At First Sight." Oooo! Maybe I could get a job as one of Kylie's backup dancers! I just... need a whole new body. A rhythm. So, guess I should keep looking.

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