Monday, May 24, 2010

MANic Monday 05-24-10 Puck Edition

This one is kind of a late, add-on bday prezz for Cathy, but here's a salute to Glee's resident asshole Puck!
It isn't everyday that one tosses out the phrase, "Jesus, _______ has sexy arm pits!" but that was exactly my reaction (and Cathy's and Beth's...) to the "Run Joey Run" video from the "Bad Reputation" episode of Glee a couple weeks ago. Observe:
SEE?! Raow! Here's some vintage mohawk-era Puck:
And some pics from his GQ spread:
And now for a BONUS, Mr. Schu from Vogue:
That's the only decent pic from that layout. The rest are focused on his "co-star" in the shoot, Blake Lively. Like anyone wants to see that!



  1. oh. oh my. This post has so many things I enjoy. I would totally nestle right into those armpits and settle in for the day!

  2. Have you done a Manic Monday yet about the one hot-ass doctor from Grey's Anatomy? I need to go back through your archives. But I saw this guy, and I thought to myself, well, he kinda looks like a less-hot version of Dr. Avery. Just a thought.

  3. No, I don't watch Grey's. Which one are you talking about? I'm always open to suggestions!

  4. Ok, I just had to look up his name because I didn't know it -- Jesse Williams. He's GORGEOUS.