Monday, May 3, 2010

MANic Monday 05-03-10 Aquaman Edition

I would have bought this shirt, except I'm starting to think maybe I can't pull off cap sleeves. I think my testicles make them look awkward. Ba-dum-bump! I'll be here all week. So... you may be wondering why this is being posted so early. This week, I get to go to work at 6 am two days in a row. Being super awesome isn't easy!
So... days after I got home from Alabama, an oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico and I thought, "Darn if I was still there, I could..." and then I remembered that I am not actually Aquaman.
Although, you'd truly be startled how many times a day I actually imagine I am Aquaman. No seriously. You'd be startled... and probably afraid. But sigh, if Aquaman were real, that would have been stopped and cleaned up in hours and the evil aliens behind this would have been captured and taught the error of their ways! So, not to let a good ecological catastrophe go to waste, today's MANic Monday is devoted to two live-action Kings of the Sea... both by way of Smallville.

The first live-action Aquaman was Alan Ritchson.
Hunky, all-American Alan appeared in Season Five of Smallville as Arthur "A.C." Curry and in a wink to the Aquaman from the comics, always wore orange and green, but it was just normal clothes, not the snazzy scuba suit he's wearing in this pic. That didn't appear until Season Six when he joined the fledgling Justice League on the show and officially adopted the "Aquaman" codename.

And THANK NEPTUNE, in his off-time from the show, well whaddaya know?! He moonlights as an underwear model!
Geez! You can totally see his hushpuppies!
That can't can't be comfortable. Just go commando if you're gonna go that far!I guess he won't be back on Smallville. He's been cast on the show Blue Mountain State on Spike. Which is fine, since on it, he's naked ALL! THE!! TIME!!!
And he cut that floppy emo boy hair!
Sigh... I often debate if maybe I should make my blog "Adults Only." Eh, I'm gonna let it ride until Blogger says something.
Ahoy! Aquabooty!

For whatever reason, when the producers of Smallville decided to spin "A.C." off into his own show, named Mercy Reef, they recast the part, and Justin Hartley slipped into the green trunks.
As hot as Alan Ritchson is... I'm sorry, but Justin Hartley is one of the most beautiful beings I've ever seen. I mean, the only possibly more perfect man I've ever seen is Ryan Kwanton from True Blood. But I'm not sure. They should probably wrestle for the title. Oil wrestle. Slowly.
Mercy Reef didn't get picked up as an ongoing series (although it did get released on iTunes and as a bonus DVD in Smallville DVD sets), but the producers loved Justin so much... and who the hell could blame them?!... that they cast him on Smallville as Batma-- wait, what? They couldn't get the rights to Batman? Oh... um... they cast him as... another millionaire playboy without super powers, but with an arsenal of high tech gizmos... Green Arrow.
Nice cod piece, but he appears much more frequently in normal clothes... or y'know the least amount of clothes that they can get away with. They're not stupid.
I appreciate the skin, but... I mean, he's all bloody and beat up!
Thaaaaaaaat's better!
Sometimes Aquaman and Green Arrow appear together in scenes and my TV explodes from all the prettiness. It gets expensive after a while. Hey, why is Clark Kent the only one on the show who doesn't actually go by his comic book codename? And if it's set in Metropolis, why do they still call it Smallville? Ugh, pointless questions that distract from the true point of my blog...

Who wants to get wet?!

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