Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 05-25-10 Parks & Recreation

What the hell, people?! How is this show on the verge of being canceled? HOW is it the worst rated network show in its time slot?! You mean to tell me, more people prefer fucking Rules of Engagement and Survivor to this slice of delightful brilliance?! Ugh, humanity makes me SICK!!!
This show is awesomely hilarious the way The Office was in its first couple of seasons when it was actually watchable. (Have you seen The Office lately? WTF?! That show SUCKS! And yet there's no chance of it getting canceled?! I mean, it's not Heroes bad, but still...)

#1 - Amy Poehler is a genius and everything she does is hilarious. Okay, not everything. But THIS is! She's slightly dopey, like Steve Carrel on The Office, but whereas Michael Scott is completely selfish, Amy's Leslie Knope is altruistic and idealistic. But HILARIOUSLY misguided.

And her supporting cast is brilliant as well! One of the best ensembles on TV!
Seriously, Ron Swanson is the BEST curmudgeon since Walter Mathau passed away!
And Aziz Ansari as the ridiculous wannabe playa Tom Haverford is funny every time he walks on screen!
At first, I wasn't a fan of sulk mistress April, because she just seemed like the stereotypically apathetic teenage character, but she's actually grown on me SO MUCH that I'm actually rooting for her in her awkward would-be romance with my TV husband Chris Pratt as clueless nitwit Andy Dwyer.
Whaaaaat?! He so cuddly! I love him! He's a MUCH more adorable dumbass than Matt LeBlanc ever was on Friends!
Rashida Jones as Ann tends to be the weakest link, but at least they ended her go-nowhere romance with Mark Brandanowitz. I LIKED his character, but they really seemed to run out of ideas for him really quickly, so he's being written out in favor of Rob Lowe's new character, who hasn't really done much except act weird.
Ann can be hit or miss, but overall, she's a nice element in the show, and I love that they admit she really should NOT be as involved in all the political goings-on on the show that she is.

I LOVE this show! It's one of like THREE network shows I still watch. (There's this, Glee and... huh, okay so maybe two.) Thursdays at 8:30, ya'll! Watch this shit!

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