Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tune-In Tuesday 05-04-10

I suppose I've gotten used to the fact that I often love stuff that no one else does. The song I'm featuring today came out last year and I was really impressed by it, especially the cool circus/funhouse video. It's just a great video, at a time when a lot of artists seem to have given up on the art form. It came out around the same time as Madonna's terrible "Celebration" video and Britney's equally lame "3." Both videos just featured the artist and random dancers frolicking against plain black or white backgrounds. Blech!

But this video, "Fancy Free" by Singaporean pop singer Sun, is really great! Not only does it have a set, but a neat-o jittery camera thing going on. It's just a well-made product! Like someone took time to come up with a concept and dress a set and design costumes and choreograph dance routines and the whole nine. (Maybe I'm just getting easy to please.) I was sad that it didn't do better, especially with Gaga and all the synthy dance pop that's big right now. I mean, look at that $hitard Ke$ha! THREE hit singles in a row, all celebrating how drunk (and $limey) $he can get?! C'mon folks!

$igh. Anyway, here is a lost treasure that slipped through the cracks... "Fancy Free" by Sun:

I mean, guuuurrrrl was rockin' that catsuit in front of that train! And did you see the dwarves?! And FIRE?! I mean, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" Boo, if you said "No!"

Just as a bonus, I'm including the awesome Eric Kupper remix of her earlier club hit "Ends of the Earth" which is what got me interested in her in the first place. Warning, it's not a real video, just the song and some graphics.

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