Monday, May 17, 2010

SuperMANic Monday 05-17-10

This edition is inspired by this photo which has made the rounds:
Brandon Routh and Dean Cain, two different Supermen... well, let's face it, the two least notable Supermen...... but it's nearly impossible to fill Christopher Reeve's shiny red boots.
He's so closely associated with the role that even today, artists base their drawings on his likeness:
Even so... the others did their jobs admirably. Dean Cain donned the super suit in the 90s for the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
He was definitely a hunkier, beefier Man of Steel than Reeve had been, which was appropriate for the time, as comic art in general became more stylized and extreme:Also, the show was marketed toward women, so they definitely cashed in on Dean's looks...
I see where they were going with the wet shirt, but there are few things LESS sexy than high waist AC Slater pants!
I SO had this outfit in high school, MINUS the pizza tie! A PIZZA TIE?!
And our Cosmo hunk of the month...
Strangely, these are not the ugliest outfits Superman wore in the 90s:
Dean has aged nicely, although the facial hair does make him look kinda swarthy.
Just a few years prior to Lois & Clark, the producers of the Superman movies, Alexander and Ilya Salkind, created a syndicated half-hour Superboy series, which featured a young adult Clark as a college student in Florida. (Wait, what?!)
John Haymes Newton starred in the title role.
Hey, it's Mr. Mxyzptlk!
Unfortunately, JHN demanded a 20% raise for the second season, got a highly publicized DUI and apparently, the producers weren't too keen on his performance anyway, so they canned him.
He's still pretty nice looking through.

He was replaced by hunkier Gerard Christopher, who went on to star in three additional seasons.
He's still pretty hot:
Sadly neither TV Superboy really ever did anything after that. Here's Gerard still riding that train at some convention.
And the most recent live-action Superman, not counting Tom Welling who is actually playing "The Blur," was Brandon Routh.
Seeing this guy on that enormous movie screen, in 3D no less, my immediate reaction was, "That is the most beautiful man in the world!"
Sadly, the movie underperformed and any sequel plans were scrapped. Instead, Christopher Nolan, the guy who directed the recent Batman movies will be launching a new franchise. Boo. I'm the one person who hated the recent Batman movies. At least pretty Brandon still has a career, appearing on this past season's Chuck.

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