Friday, July 1, 2011

Alex Toth/Super Friends Week - DC Universe Classics Super Friends

The one bright spot to getting home on Saturday and finding our basement had been ruined was that also waiting for me was the latest assortment of DC Universe Classics, nicknamed by fans as "The Super Friends Wave." And properly so, as you can see above, the set included El Dorado, Samurai and Black Vulcan along with the not pictured jester Toyman. The wave was rounded out by two characters that have nothing to do with the Super Friends, Bronze Tiger and a scuzzy looking Captain Boomerang. (I'd have vastly preferred a more classic, Silver Age interpretation. This is the way he looked in Identity Crisis, which is one of my least favorite developments in the DCU in the last decade.) Each figure in the wave included a piece of the giant Apache Chief! (Collect 'em all, kids!)
I think it's interesting that Alex Toth originally intended Apache Chief's costume to be yellow and white! That would have been an... interesting take.
Ugh, sorry that's blurry as hell! (It's hard to tell on an iPhone! This is why I stick to borrowing pics from the web, normally). Here's the FULL line up from Super Friends. Well, except Rima, but that's one I'm resigned to NEVER seeing in this line. Y'know, even after they did The Wonder Twins as a ComiCon exclusive, I STILL never thought I'd see the ethnic Friends. This is indeed a red-letter day! A (pretty much) FULL roster of the Super Friends in one collection! (Well... I didn't include Green Arrow and I don't have the Plastic Man they did as last year's ComiCon exclusive, but they were in that first season only and honestly, in my mind, I kind of consider that a different continuity.)
Another full team shot. Sigh! I hate how Hawkgirl's hunched forward like that. She's always looking down. Hey, notice The Atom on Apache Chief's shoulder?
Poor Atom and Hawkgirl were the only Justice Leaguers from the comics that were not included in the epic Challenge of the Super Friends season. Speaking of...
I'm a tad short on the Legion of Doom. Bizarro and Scarecrow were offered as part of the DC Super Heroes line, which preceded DC Universe Classics, which I didn't collect, so I don't have them! I'm hoping they'll reissue them soon, otherwise, I'll have to pony up the $$$ for the older figures. (Not related, but I'm also hoping they redo The Penguin and make him fatter and funnier looking than the skinny, grotesque one they issued in Wave 1 of DCUC.)
Speaking of The Penguin, both he and Orion were in Wave 1 of DCUC, which I initially didn't buy because the lineup was overall lackluster. But then, when I started buying the later waves, I was hooked! Here we have a mashup lineup, featuring the full Super Friends, plus all the heroes (minus Orion and Plastic Man) they made for the Super Powers collection, including totally made up character Cyclotron and... oh whoops, I left the Golden Pharaoh out. Guess I'll have to reshoot this later! I also added Black Canary and Zatanna, as they SHOULD have been included in the SP line, but their vaginas made them ineligible.
Woops! Lobotomized Apache Chief! You know I'm pretty excited when I actually take my toys out and PLAY with them! Good times!

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