Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain America Set Pics

Yesterday, images of Chris Evans as Captain America on the Cleveland set of The Avengers popped up on every nerd website out there. More on that in a sec.
Here we see someone, an actor or stuntman, wearing what appears to be a motion capture suit. Hmmm... wonder what that's for? Is he playing a shape-shifting Skrull, as has been widely rumored? Is he The Hulk? Something else entirely?
Here we see a spacey-looking ray gun. That certainly seems Skrully.
And now back to Cap.

Y'know... there's something I'm not quite digging about this suit. The fabric kinda bugs me. It looks sort of Power Ranger-y. Oh, you k now what it is? The shoulder pads! He had some shoulder detailing in the WWII costume, but I think it worked better
In a lot of ways, the WWII suit actually looks MORE high tech than the modern costume. It looks more functional and realistic. I think maybe the modern suit is a tad too streamlined and simplified. It actually looks a bit too costume-y. The helmet looks a little weird too. Oh, also, in the movie Captain America, there is absolutely no effort made to conceal Cap's identity, so shouldn't his ID be public knowledge? In that case, he really doesn't even need a mask. (But we all know he has to have it, just because... well, that's the costume!)

Am I being too critical? I don't hate it or anything. It's not bad at all, it's just a bit off for me.
Finally, a straight-forward image of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. I'm looking forward to more images as filming continues!

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