Friday, August 26, 2011

Super Powers Print and Are You Ready?

Check out this AMAZING Super Powers print by Tom Whalen aka StrongStuff on Deviant Art. This print is limited to 250 copies and is actually available for $99, which is incredibly reasonable. Hmmmm... I love that even Clark Kent, who was a mail-in figure and The Riddler, who was only released in foreign markets (and was a repainted Green Lantern) are included. I especially like how Brainiac and The Penguin, two of the original bad guys (along with Lex and the Joker) are given special representation. Just WOW!
I've sat down to blog nearly every day this week and nothing has come out. Guess this is the calm before the storm. There really hasn't been much going on, other than DC wrapping up its comics line to set the stage for next week's relaunch. The relaunch is huge, too. The pre-order numbers are the biggest this year, so retailers are expecting pretty much everyone that reads comics to pick these up just out of curiosity and I think they're right.

Other than that, Mattel did not meet the numbers needed for the DC subscription to go forward, however it would appear they are crunching numbers now to see what can be done. No official statement is expected until next week. It would be nice if the people who committed to subscription actually got something, but we shall see.

Images from the set of Superman popped up, showing villain Faora.
As you can see, Superman is indeed trunks-free in this version. Hate. The main problem with that, is, to me, this makes him look more like Ultra Man, the "evil Superman" from the Crime Syndicate.
Ultra Man is a copy of Superman. He looks like Superman; Superman shouldn't look like him. Tsk. Let the dread begin.

And uh... yeah, that's all.

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