Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Superman Revealed

Here is Henry Cavill as Superman! (I got this from Ain't It Cool News.)
Click to enlarge. To be honest, It looks a lot like the last Superman costume from Superman Returns, just darker. It has that same high-tech textured look. I actually don't so much like the S shield. I'd have preferred it to be shinier and more metallic looking and I don't like that it has the same texture as the rest of the suit. It should contrast more. The size is right, though. Returns' S logo was widely panned because it was too small. This cape is better than the previous one, which appeared too thick and heavy. The boots retain the classic V on top. But again, like with the S shield, it seems to have the same texture as the rest of the suit, which is dull. I'd prefer more of a mix in textures. (I could be wrong though. It may look different in a more close-up shot.) My one concern is his crotch. Yeah, I said it! Is he wearing red trunks? I hope so, but you can't tell because it's engulfed in shadow here.
Here are two additional pics of Cavill in Clark Kent mode, minus the glasses.
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to buy him as a nerd, though. Nerds don't look like THIS!

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