Friday, August 12, 2011


I don't talk much about TV, so I have a couple of TV-related topics to discuss today. First of all, there's this sitcom that I think started airing earlier this summer called Happy Endings, which is about a group of six Friends friends in their twenties. Okay, I know you THINK you've seen it all before, but this show is set in CHICAGO not New York, so it's totally different. And they hang out in a BAR not a coffee shop! And there's a gay one and a black one, so THERE! It's totally different! Okay, it's similar to the legendary Friends, but I actually like it. The characters are kind of like the ones from Seinfeld, where they are just this close to being unlikeable. So if you want an old fashioned sitcom that's not fucking terrible like all the rest, check this show out. It'll be out on DVD on September 20th, which is closer than any of us want to think about.
I fer serious made David give up tickets to tonight's Reds game to take me to see the Glee 3D movie. I know that makes me sound like a bitch, but I have Friday AND Saturday night free this weekend by some miracle and you think I'ma let him go to a fucking Reds game BOTH those nights (oh yeah, he's going tomorrow, too!) while I sit around drinking and watching The A List-New York?! FUCK THAT! Sorry! I needz to get my Gleek on!
Also, this serves as my goodbye to my beloved Chord Overstreet who won't be returning this fall as Sam, even though they JUST started the storyline where he and Mercedes were dating. (Apparently, she'll have a new fella when the series returns.)
Glee needs to get its shit together. EW did a story along those lines and I agree. First Ryan Murphy prematurely announced that Cory, Lea and Chris were being written out of the show after this season, WITHOUT informing any of them of this. This was apparently because he was planning on spinning them off into a new show, presumably where they move to New York which was heavily hinted at in the finale of last season. BUT apparently Fox wasn't down with the idea and the spin-off was scrapped and Ryan was all "Oh they're aren't necessarily leaving the series after all." (Way to piss fans off FOR NO REASON, there buddy!) But who wants to watch some high school graduates still hanging around high school?! Sad! And the whole appeal of the show is the chemistry between ALL of the characters and you can't just take some of them out of the equation. Also... honestly Kurt is THE reason I watch the show! Everything revolves around him! If he's not on it, I don't think I'll keep watching.
Then there's the atrocious Glee Project. Fox actually passed on this concept all together, which should have killed it right there, but alas, it found a home on Oxygen. Basically a gaggle of unlikeable, under-talented fame whores cover a bunch of Glee songs and one of them will actually appear in at least seven episodes of the show this season. It's really unwatchable, but I still force myself to endure it every week, I guess out of masochism. "New characters" can be hit or miss. Blaine was a hit, but if I never see Sunshine Corazon again, it'll be too soon. The problem with most of the Glee Project contestants is that they aren't "misfits." Most of the girls are "show girls" who would fit in perfectly on American Idol. The red head, big girl might have worked, but she got kicked off and they already have Lauren Zises, anyway. Alex, the flaming black queen would certainly work, so I'm kinda hoping he takes it, although rumor has it, the adorable Irish kid wins, which... what's so "outcast" about him? Nothing! He's a cutie pie with an Irish accent! He'd own that school! Also, it's kinda obvious that the producers are CLEARLY looking for a guy. Week after week, girls get cut even though they may or may not be the worst ones.
Finally we have the shit storm that is The Walking Dead. First Frank Darabont appeared to hype the show at ComiCon and then immediately afterward "stepped down" as show runner, allegedly because he couldn't keep up with the pace of producing a weekly series after only working on feature films all these years. Then rumors bubbled up that the Mad Men budget had skyrocketed and that AMC was scaling back the budgets on TWD and Breaking Bad to compensate. Turns out Darabont was FIRED, but they made sure to keep him employed long enough to appear at ComiCon.

At least the Breaking Bad folks have the ballz to complain. So far no one from TWD has said shit. (Topless Robot speculated because of the nature of the show, any cast member that complains could easily be zombie chow.) AMC has apparently made some budgetary suggestions like shoot half the scenes indoors and maybe in some cases, the cast could just HEAR zombies and not see them, to save on makeup cost. Oh that sounds just WONDERFUL! SO what that series is all about! The ironic thing is that TWD is AMC's biggest hit! Its ratings are BETTER than that of Mad Men, even! ALL of this sounds horrible. I am concerned and I think I have a right to be. This sounds REALLY ominous!

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