Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tune In (While You Can) Tuesday - My Surprisingly Emotional Response to the Glee 3D Movie

So we went to see the Glee 3D Concert Movie on Friday and the theater was mostly full and what was sort of neat was that a lot of the viewers acted like they were really at a concert, clapping after the songs... heck clapping along with the songs!... and applauding the actors during the closing credits, as if they were taking a bow in front of them! Oddly, this is not indicative of the movie's performance overall. It TANKED! It didn't even break the top 10 for the weekend! I guess that could be for any number of reasons. I think it's hard to turn a TV show, which is FREE, into something people are willing to pay to see... and it was only in 3D, so that's like $15 a pop. (Also, there was ZERO reason why it needed to be in 3D! NONE!) Also, I know a lot of people are sick of 3D already, so that could be part of it.

As I said in my title, I had a surprisingly emotional reaction to the movie, which I certainly wasn't expecting. NO, it wasn't to the profiles of the three outcast Gleeks in the movie. That was... okay. I could have lived without it, but it was okay. No my reaction was to both the reactions of the audience I was seeing the movie with and the fans in the movie to Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel.

Obviously, Kurt is my favorite and the main reason I tune in to the show. But it's not just that he's gay, it's that he's gay like me. Effeminate, slight, sassy, jauntily dressed... hell, jaunty all around. I like Blaine. I think it's very cool that they have a laid-back, hip gay kid that other kids, gay and straight, look up to and envy. But I don't see myself in Blaine. I see myself ALL OVER Kurt. Except, being a TV character, with writers providing his dialogue, he's smarter and quicker than I could ever hope to be. Better dressed, too. But it's his feminine mannerisms and way of talking that I really see myself in.

And it was on full display in the movie. I actually didn't know going in that they would all be in character throughout the movie/in concert. I thought they performed as themselves, not Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, etc. But that's what they did. And Kurt was full-on Kurt, performing perched cross-legged, girl-style on a stool, singing "Happy Days Are Here Again/Come On Get Happy" with Rachel... and the crowd just SCREAMED!!! My boy was a full on ROCK GOD! And I cried. Here was this nancy, flouncy theater QUEEN... and this crowd of all ages and backgrounds were just screaming for him like Elvis. It was overwhelming... this wasn't just "support" it was full on love and adulation! I just couldn't believe it. I mean, I know Glee is popular. I know he won the Golden Globe last year and is nominated this year, but seeing that visceral reaction... hearing one woman say that her four year-old daughter wanted Blaine and Kurt to be her two daddies... I was just blown away. This isn't like Elton John or Ricky Martin or any other star that's come out after their biggest successes were behind them. It's not even like Adam Lambert, who is a larger than life personality. This was some down to earth, normal, skinny gay boy and people were crazy about him!
Like I said, the crowd in the theater actually clapped as the names of the actors appeared during the closing credits and Kurt/Chris got one of the loudest outbursts. I get a little lump in the throat thinking about it right now!

But yeah, the movie bombed hard, so if you wanna see it, get to it! ("Born This Way" was my favorite song, by the way!)

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