Friday, August 5, 2011

Still Shots From The Avengers Trailer

I meant to post these last Tuesday, but whoopsie! Some wonderful person slowed down the quick-cut Avengers trailer and posted these stills so everyone could get a better look at everyone.
First we have Chris Evans as Captain America, in a modernized, sleeker look than in his solo movie. I guess I'm okay with that, although I liked how his WWII costume looked more functional and realistic yet was still bright and "comic book-y." In the comics, his shirt is chain mail armor. This just looks like spandex or some-such. I guess it moves freely, but Cap isn't the mightiest hero out there, so the added protection made sense. But overall, not bad at all.
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Not much to comment on there.
Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, out of costume, so once again, not much to comment on.
And ditto Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Is he wearing a purple shirt? If so, cute reference!
RDJ as Tony Stark rocking a Black Sabbath tee, so once again, cute reference.
RDJ and Chris Hemsworth's ass.
Thor and his mighty guns. The tunic part looks good. It's faithful to the comics. The suit of armor in the Thor movie, I though, looked good, but I know some people thought it looked too rubbery and fake, so maybe those folks will like this look better. I still miss the helmet!

I was missing the cape in the earlier pics, but here we see it's added back in for the action sequence, so that makes me happy.
Black Widow has a boring look to begin with, so there's not much to say about her here. It just looks like a generic uniform. Like Cap's costume, it looks perfectly functional. In fact, it looks like it was clearly designed by whoever designed Cap's suit, so that's nice and adds a sense of "team" to their costumes. Hopefully, Hawkeye's also fits in the same way.

So far, looking good!


  1. Soooo looking forward to this. Didn't mind the Hulk movies (well, the second one - the first wasn't great). Loved the Iron Man movies. Loved Thor. Haven't bothered to see Capt America - I figure that's more of a Netflix viewing? But Avengers? I'm so there!

  2. Oh I thought Captain America was better than Thor and some of the action sequences deserve the big screen treatment! I'd advise you to check it out while you can!