Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If I Must...

I was startled to find that just days after blogging about washed up pop singers, I was greeted with news of former teen-pop singer Monica's new video. Now normally, I kinda wouldn't care, except for the fact that it co-stars Cincinnati's own Chad Ochocinco, so that at least makes it worth a "Huh. Isn't that interesting?" THEN, this was followed with the news that Chad was among the new competitors on Dancing With The Stars. Since I don't watch DWTS, I pretty much had the same response. I'm actually more intrigued that none other than Niecy Nash is going to be on. (If only she'd get her ass back on Clean House! She's the only reason I even watched it! No more of this guest-host hoo-ha!) So basically, it's like I have to blog about Mr. 85. Here's the new video:

Wow, that was boring as shit. Mon, honey, that was NO "Angel of Mine!"

HEY! They guy in that video looks like Chad! I guess we now know Monica's type!

As for the new video, I am not loving that asymmetrical 'do. That wasn't even cute the first time, when Dawn from En Vogue rocked it in the "Free Your Mind" video. (Monica and En Vogue in one blog? I didn't even realize blogging had been invented in 1996!) Poor Mon! Better luck next time!

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