Friday, March 12, 2010

Last I checked, Captain America Wasn't Smug

Sigh. Looks like Chris Pine is out as Captain America. Guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. It was too good to be true.It now looks like John Krasinski has it locked up.
Wigga-whaaaaa--?! I mean, I guess he's... tall. Nope, sorry H'Wood! Poor choice! I mean, I like The Office as much as the next person... although I like it less than The Office (the original, British version... yep, I'm one of those). But the only real character trait he has is smugness, and that doesn't strike me as being Captain America-esque. He's also kinda the most boring part of the entire show. And like the rest of the free world, I have completely ignored his ventures out into other roles. Boo!
Originally, I actually HAAAAAAAATED Jim. The main reason being, he was not the absolutely adorable Tim from The (original) Office. Tim, at least was self-depreciating. Jim is not. He is smug and cocky. I thought I'd gotten over that, until either earlier this season or last season, when things stopped working out for him and he started not getting his way all the time and I LIKED it.

Cathy once got upset that someone (I think it was Deborah) referred to Jim as "so ugly he's cute." I can't disagree with that assessment. He's not ugly, but physically, he's not really all that good-looking. He just has a "way about him" that makes him more attractive.

Kinda like Peyton Manning:
When I went to Indianapolis a few years ago, his face was plastered all over these billboards and they were THE UGLIEST PICS I have ever seen of any person ever! (Okay, that may be an exaggeration... but they were still fug!) But he also has a certain charm and likability, which makes him MUCH more attractive.

John Krasinski is the same way. I mean, look at that huge nose and that horse-y face. But he's witty and charming, so that makes him more appealing.

In fact, I think I'd buy Peyton Manning as Captain America before I would John Krasinski. He just... doesn't fit! Guess we'll have to wait and see, but I'm not digging this choice and I will put that on the record. (Table slap!)

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