Monday, March 29, 2010

MANic Monday! 03-29-10 Kellan Lutz

Wow, two gross, rainy, cold Mondays in a row? Not fun. Time to brighten things up! New Moon came out on DVD/Blu Ray last week, so in honor of that, my hunk du jour is sexy vamp Kellan Lutz! Enjoy!Yeah, I don't really care about New Moon. No matter how hot the guys are, that's not enough to get me to sit through a terrible movie or TV show. Oh PS, check out that peek-a-boo tummy shot. YUM!
Blogger's being a pain in the ass and I can't load all the pics I wanted to... not that this isn't an ample dose of Lutzliciousness.
Mmmm, pecs. If you ARE interested in New Moon, if you buy it from Target, along with either Astro Boy or Band Slam, you get a free $5 Target gift card... but then you're stuck owning either Astro Boy or Band Slam. Sucka! Also, Band Slam, I kinda get seeing as it's aimed at teens, but Astro Boy?!
Possibly the best picture in the history of photography below:
Have a good week!

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