Monday, March 22, 2010

MANic Monday

Boo! What a gloomy, cold, wet, dismal day! I guess April showers and all that... (PS I actually went to school with a girl named April Showers! Sounds like a Bond Girl, doesn't it? I could never figure out if her parents were cruel or clueless. Also, yes I know it isn't quite April yet, but close enough!) This gives me the perfect opportunity to try out a little something I've been thinking about for a while, which involves assigning days certain themes. a) This would keep me from getting too stream-of-conscious and b) keep me from yammering on and on about the same subjects. And as silly as it may seem, my idea for Monday is MANic Monday, celebrating the less-fair sex. I thought it would provide a nice boost to the beginning on the week, especially on a crappy day like today.

First, at work, we spend pretty much every day shift and the beginnings of each evening shift, constantly running back and forth to the back stockroom to put out new merchandise. To get to the backroom, you have to either go down the luggage aisle or the magazine aisle. Some months, there just happens to be a LOVELY magazine cover that I get the privilege of enjoying each trip back. This month, that cover belongs to GQ: DANG, Shia LeBeoff looks EFFEN KEWT in this pic! His green eyes are mesmerizing! I don't really like him much, overall... something to do with every movie he stars in being godawful, but kewt is kewt and that he serves up quite well in this photo. Negative? The mag SOLD OUT!!! I'm not aware of this EVER happening at Target! The same magazines linger and linger. But sadly, this one has vanished. Maybe it'll turn back up. Otherwise, I'll have to enjoy the site of Paula Deen's magazine. And delicious butter is NOT something you can really enjoy with your eyes!

Okay, this is the LAST time I will blog about this topic, until a final decision is made and announced, but it seems like every day (or at least every other) there is a new "front runner" in the race to portray Captain America in the upcoming movies. First I heard Chris Pine (Yay!), then Channing Tatum (Not so much), now...Chris Evans. Entertainment Weekly actually listed several others including the absolutely Boo-rific Ryan Phillippe (Hate him!!!). Artist Alex Ross expressed that John Hamm was his top choice, which you recall was my top choice to play Batman. While Batman and Captain America share certain similarities, mostly not having super powers, what made John Hamm my pick to play Batman was his dark side, which Cap doesn't really have. I can see Ross' point though. The list EW provided was a veritable who's who of blond, Hollywood prettyboys. Cap is the leader of the Avengers... hell, he's basically the de facto leader of all the super heroes in Marvel Comics, so you need someone with a really commanding presence and some young prettyboy isn't going to posses that... well, except Chris Pine who did posses just that quality in Star Trek!Also, keep in mind that Captain America (the movie) will lead directly into The Avengers, which will feature Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man and maybe Edward Norton as The Hulk (although I heard a rumor that since The Incredible Hulk didn't perform well at the box office, they will likely not include him or will replace him with the She-Hulk). Captain America has to seem like a natural leader of these (slightly) older actors and not look like some punk kid. Why yes, they're completely gratuitous, thus today's theme. Please try and keep up.

Now... Chris Evans. Hmmmm. I dunno, he's a better pick than Channing Tatum, but still misses the mark just a tad. He's got that "class clown" persona. I think he could do earnest, but once again, opposite RDJ as Iron Man, I just don't think I can buy it. He might make for a splendid Hawkeye though, since Hawkeye is the sarcastic "class clown" of The Avengers.He also has a habit of winding up in his underwear or less, making Chris Evans a lovely candidate.But like I said, I'm going to avoid posting anything about this subject until Marvel makes a decision and announces it. I mean, they haven't even started filming Thor yet and that will come before Captain America or The Avengers.
It may be a couple of years before they get around to beginning production on Cap's movie. Maybe that'll give Chris Evans time to ripen. Like I said, I'm not completely opposed to him, he's just a stretch.

So, hope you enjoyed the first installment of MANic Monday! We'll see how this goes, if I decide to make it a permanent feature. Feedback would help! Just sayin'.


  1. I, for one, LOVE MANic Monday! Also it gets me singing the Bangles all day, and ain't nothing wrong with that!

  2. No indeed! I had Walk Like An Egyptian stuck in my head at work. We need to do karaoke, STAT!