Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tune In Tuesday 03-30-10 Jenny Owen Youngs

For my second Tune In Tuesday, I'm getting a bit mellow with an artist that I just discovered, Jenny Owen Youngs. I dig the singer/songwriter type and she adds a great layer of humor to her lyrics. First is her single "F*** Was I." The F-bomb is edited out, but if you buy the actual MP3, it's there in its full "Parental Advisory" glory.

Next is a song that I thought was a b-side/bonus track kinda thing, but apparently it was actually released as a single with a video and everything. And a neat one at that (as was "F*** Was I"). I like when people make good videos. They don't all have to be "Thriller" but just put SOME effort and artistry into it. Too often, they're just people singing at the camera or dancing in a spare room or in front of a green screen. Give me MORE! Ahem, anyway, here is her video for "Hot In Herre." Hopefully, you'll realize why I thought it was a b-Side/bonus track. Also, if you're a furry (and please don't tell me if you are), all I can say is "Bonus!"

It's hard to pick a favorite bit in that video! I think The Sasquatch is my favorite, followed by the playing drinking Don't Break The Ice with Santa Claus. And then it's like, "You think you've seen it all? Here, Russian Dancers! You like that?!"

And finally, here is her latest single/video, "Last Person." Err, what was I saying about dancing and singing in front of a spare background? Oh well, it's not bad, actually. I've seen a LOT worse and at least there's some art direction. Also, kudos for the use of the phrase "zombie eyes." I'm pro-anything zombie.

Happy listening!

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