Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MANic Tuesday 04-20-10

Yeah... the only new music I'm concerned with right now is Glee The Power of Madonna, which I think I've successfully run into the ground, so instead, here's an extra helping of manliness.
Hmmm... who could that be, behind that wet shower curtain?Hmmm... slightly better... have you guessed who, yet?
Why it's MANic Hall of Famer, Kellan Lutz! One can never have enough Kellan Lutz!Man, I wanna be that necklace.
Not from the same photo shoot, but still juicy hot:
You know what I love about this guy? He knows he's hot and doesn't mind showing it off. I appreciate that! Most male actors are all "No, I'm a serious actor. The only time I show my naked ass on screen is when I pack on a hundred extra pounds for this role I'm playing. Take me seriously. Blah blah blah." Whereas EVERY actress in Hollywood is free to slut it up in any magazine that'll give them a cover. Yay Hollywood Man Sluts!

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