Monday, April 5, 2010

MANic Monday 04-05-10 Zachary Levi

Hope you didn't fill up with too much candy yesterday. Of course this kind of candy is meant to be enjoyed with the eyes.

We watched Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakwell... I still don't know how to spell that. The plot shares a couple of ideas from the original Alvin & The Chipmunks movie The Chipmunk Adventure from 1987.
In both movies, for whatever reason, Dave Seville isn't heavily featured and winds up periodically checking in on the boys via telephone. In the first movie, it's because he's off on a trip around the globe. In this one, I'm guessing Jason Lee didn't want to be in it, or at least not very much, so in the beginning, Dave gets hurt in a concert stage accident and spends most of the movie convalescing in a Paris hospital. Ever notice in movies that every window in Paris looks directly out onto the Eiffel Tower?
In the Chipmunk Adventure, Dave leaves the boys in the care of Miss Miller, who also cares full-time for the Chipettes, which would have made sense in the movie, but alas in this case, the guys end up shacking up with Dave's nerdy, awkward cousin Toby. (After an accident befalls Toby's grandmother, who does come across as somewhat Miss Miller-esque.)

Starring as Toby is none other than King Adorkable, Chuck star, Zachary Levi!Is there some deal with NBC that they have to keep casting stars of their shows in these movies? Is Rainn Wilson going to be in the next one, because that would rule? (Because you know there's going to be a next one.)
Also, as I said, Toby is really awkward and shy and geeky (he's a professional gamer!) which all equals UBERdork, which is like catnip to me... rrrrrroaw!
Seriously, what a boring movie. Zachary was the only high light. There weren't even that many songs, which would have been the only other bright spot.
Y The Last Man Poster!!!
Hey, that part would work wonderfully for him!
Chuck is a GOOD show. Totally solid, fun. I really, really don't know why I don't watch it every week. I don't think I have a conflict. It's kind of like "It's funny. It's definitely entertaining and the cast is so likable, buuuuuuut.... I just don't LOVE it."
WOAH! WOAH! What's going on here? Chuck kissing Adam Baldwin? Holy Jesus, every Chuck slash-fanfic writers' heads just exploded!Cheeky!
Off to work for me, but I couldn't go without leaving you with your Monday pick-me-up! Enjoy!

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