Friday, April 2, 2010

Famous/Fashionista Friday 04-02-10

Yes, I have TWO topics today, celebrities and clothing, so here goes...First up, if a former celebrity comes out and there's no one around to care, does it still make a sound? Ricky Martin's coming out only makes me respect Adam Lambert more, since he came out BEFORE his first album was even released. When was Ricky Martin's last hit, TEN years ago? Seriously, he'd have to do a L-O-T more for me to care one iota about his personal life. YAWN!
And then there's Anna Paquin, who came out as bi. So that's like... half interesting... I guess. I mean... I like her. I LOVE True Blood! Can't wait for Season Two to come out on DVD! But... yeah, that's not that interesting either.

However, that does provide me with a segue to my next topic. Speaking of True Blood, here's co-star Mehcad Brooks in another lovely Calvin Klein ad.
I must say, these are probably the most comfy undies I have ever worn! They're like this stretchy super soft microfiber. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they skinned newborn babies to make it... and I'd probably still be okay with it. Kudos Calvin Klein! Also, kudos for this ad campaign, because that also rules. Here's another video. You're welcome!

Hey, I just realized this ad campaign features one actor from True Blood and one from Twilight. Weird vampire crossover alert!

Oh, I have one last celeb announcement. I take back what I said about Justin Beiber. He was on Chelsea Lately last night and he's pretty adorable after all!

I think I hit the ceiling of obscure super hero tees with the above Elongated Man shirt. YES, Elongated Man. Possibly the worst code name ever. I couldn't even figure out how to say it as a kid. But... he was in the Justice League at the time, so I guess he's just famous enough to qualify for his own shirt. It's heather grey though, which is my LEAST favorite color to wear. Actually, it's one of my least favorite colors period. Reminds me of sweats and sweats=awful.

I noticed the places I work ALWAYS seem to have uniforms in my "bad" colors. Target's is red. Palomino's was black. I look dreadful in both of those. At this rate, my next job will have a disgusting pea green uniform. I need to figure out which places of business use either white or pastel uniforms. Damn me and my olive, cocktail skin!

Anyhoo, have a great Easter weekend!

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