Monday, April 12, 2010

MANic Monday 04-12-10 Liam Hemsworth

This movie either opened this past weekend or will be opening this upcoming weekend. Who cares, right? Not I... although this may be even better/worse than Crossroads, it would probably more of a chore to sit through than making fun of it would be worth. Get your Razzie acceptance speech ready, Destiny Blue! (Psst, that's Miley's REAL name! Traileriffic, no?!)

However, the realease of this crapfest does give me a great reason to showcase Miley's co-star and-- sigh-- real-life bf, Australian import, Liam Hemsworth.
Preeeeetttttty! He apparently plays a professional beach volleyball player in the movie (who comes up with this shit?!). Um, did we learn nothing from Top Gun? No sport makes men look gayer than beach volleyball! Not even figure skating!"When I watch this scene with my head tilted like this, I can hear Kenny Loggins singing in the background." Playin'... playin' with the boys!

Before dating the world's biggest Daisy Duke successor, he played cougar bait in some Australian movie.

And now, probably the only reason to see The Last Song:Ahhh symbolism. Hee hee! Can I get a closeup?
Thank you! (And you're welcome!)

(EDIT: I am NOT KIDDING, just as I was posting this, "Party In The U.S.A." came up on my iPod!!! SPOOKY!!!"

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